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The Mountains Are Calling...

Fall is the time to come to the Enchanted Circle and enjoy the cool weather, the trees changing and all the activities that Angel Fire, Taos and Red River have to offer. While you are here enjoying the beauty, let one of our knowledgeable brokers show you a condo in Angel Fire or land for sale in Angel Fire. Maybe you prefer a parcel of Taos land to build the home of your dreams or a Condo in the Taos Ski Valley for weekend getaways. Whatever your real estate need, the experts at New Mexico Mountain properties are here to help! Call 575-377-2626 or 575-758-5852 for Paula. We look forward to serving you!

Red River Folk Festival at Aspencade Aspencade Arts & Crafts Festival Friday, September 20, 2019 - Sunday, September 22, 2019

Browse through booths of hand-crafted items, jewelry, home furnishings, food, art, pottery, and specialty goods while you enjoy delicious food, live entertainment, and the crisp air and changing colors of fall in Red River.

This year features the third annual Red River Folk Festival at Aspencade. Talented folk artists from all over the US converge in Red River to delight and entertain guests at Aspencade. Special 3 day pass to all events at The Motherlode and Brandenburg Park available for only $55 until 8/15!


Contact the Red River Chamber of Commerce for more information, (575) 754-2366

Brandenburg Park & Red River Conference Center 101 W River St Red River NM 87558

Fall into Taos

While you are here enjoying all the fun that Taos has to offer, why not take a look at some fabulous Taos real estate...we have lovely Taos homes for sale as well as Taos condos for those getaway weekends or to rent out. If you are looking for land for sale in Taos to build the home of your dreams, let us show you the perfect parcel-our Taos Real Estate Brokers are here to assist you. Call us today @ 575-758-5852 for Paula

2 SEP Sting in Taos Mon, 5:30 PM Kit Carson Park, 211 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte Taos, NM

5 SEP Michael Hearne's 17th Annual Big Barn Dance Music... Thu, 12:30 PM Kit Carson Park, 211 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte Taos, NM

For more information go to

Come Escape the Summer Heat!

Such a beautiful time of year to visit Angel Fire, New Mexico and catch a final week of Music from Angel Fire! There is always something fun to do here in this beautiful valley. While you are here enjoying this cool weather, let one of our knowledgeable brokers show you an Angel Fire condo or land for sale in Angel Fire! We can help you find the perfect parcel to build the home of your dreams or find a home that is already built, fully furnished and ready to move it! Whether it's an investment property, vacation home or maybe you're ready to live here full time, we can help you with all your real estate needs! Call 575-377-2626 or 575-758-5852 for Paula. We look forward to serving you!

2019 Music from Angel Fire Final Week of Activities and Concerts It's been wonderful to see so many friends during this 36th season at concerts, special events, educational activities and in town.

FOUR REMAINING CONCERTS Get your tickets now on-line or by calling 575.377.3233 CONCERT SCHEDULE

Festival artists have performed seven concerts to capacity audiences. With four remaining concerts we hope you'll purchase tickets now if you haven't done so already. Wednesday, August 28, 6pm at the Angel Fire Baptist Church is an All-Mendelssohn program you'll not want to miss featuring the Meraki Quartet with guest violist Steven Tenenbom, and the Tesoro with guest violist Ida Kavafian.

Friday, August 30, 6pm at the United Church of Angel Fire is the program 'Prayer for a Departed One' featuring music by John Corigiliano and Richard Danielpour. The concert will finish with the glorious Mendelssohn String Octet.

Saturday, August 31, 2:30pm at Old Martina's Hall in Taos is the final Taos festival concert featuring music by Schubert, Clara Schumann and Brahms.

Sunday, September 1, 3pm at the Angel Fire Community Center is the festival finale - the annual Salon Concert hosted by Toby Appel. This program frequently sells out and we ask and encourage you to purchase your tickets now.


Many thanks to Kathy Mayes and her committee for coordinating a beautiful evening, Thursday, August 22 at the Angel Fire Community Center for "It's Ida's 35 - Celebration." Beef Brisket and chicken were served and attendees brought delicious side dishes. Toby Appel hosted the event, and warm affectionate tributes took place during the evening. Ida was honored and received this year's original artwork by Jennifer Cavan as a gift from the Music from Angel Fire Board and the many who contributed. PASSING THE BATON!

Tara Helen O'Connor and Daniel Philips to lead Music from Angel Fire Friday, August 23rd, MFAF President James Brown announced that long time MFAF artists Daniel Philips and Tara Helen O'Connor agree to lead MFAF as the new Artistic Director Duo beginning in 2020. With Ida's full backing we embrace this succession - keeping the MFAF family strongly intact with uncompromised leadership. Welcome aboard Daniel and Tara! MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS Our Young Artists have been busy performing in-school concerts throughout northern New Mexico including Peñasco, Dixon, Chimayo, Raton, Maxwell, Red River, Questa, and Taos. This week we continue with concerts and activities in Taos, Las Vegas, Espanola and Los Alamos. Two Family | Youth concerts are slated: Friday 10am at Eagle Nest School, and 1pm at Moreno Valley High School featuring the Tesoro Quartet.

If you're traveling from afar and looking for rental properties, please contact our friends at Four Seasons of Angel Fire. 575.377.3711 Let them know we sent you. Music from Angel Fire | 575-377-3233 | STAY CONNECTED: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Mortgage Made Simple

Whether you are looking to purchase first time home, or maybe it has been awhile since you have owned, it's good to do some research and take all the necessary steps to lock in the home of your dreams!

A mortgage payment is normally paid on a monthly basis. It includes a portion of your principal (the total amount of money borrowed) and interest (the price that you pay to borrow money from your lender), and often property taxes, homeowner's insurance, and private mortgage insurance.

1. Get your credit score where it needs to be. Check your credit report to make sure all the information it contains is accurate. If not, contact the credit bureau to correct it. If the information is accurate, find out your credit score.

You can get your score from the credit bureaus- your score will be between 300 and 850, and the higher, the better. Your credit score needs to be at least 620 for a conventional loan and could be as low as 500 for an FHA loan. If your score is lower, you may need a larger down payment or just take some time to clean up your credit while you save.

2. Check your debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Mortgage lenders want to know how much debt you have compared to your income. It's called your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, and the better it is, the better mortgage you'll get. There are several tools you can use to find your DTI such as Trulia's DTI calculator.

3. Think about your down payment. An ideal down payment in the eyes of a lender is 20% of the home's purchase price. By putting down 20%, you don't have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI), which is usually between 0.5% and 1% of the loan. This makes your case look better to a lender, but depending on the price of the home, 20% could be out of reach. In fact, most first-time home buyers put down less than 10%. FHA loans allow down payments as low as 3.5%. And some Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgages allow for no down payment.

4. Pick the right type of mortgage. You have a choice of several types of mortgage. One is a conventional (or a regular) loan. Of those, you can choose between a fixed-rate loan and an adjustable-rate loan. There are also government-insured loans, such as a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan or a Veterans Affairs (VA) loan. Each varies in terms of interest rates, down payment requirements, and other factors.

5. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Getting pre-qualified is an informal process where you just answer the lender's questions, such as how much you make and what you owe. Based on the information you provide the lender, they'll let you know whether you'll qualify for a mortgage and for what amount.

6. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. When you are serious about buying a home, you'll want to be pre-approved for a mortgage, which is a more involved process than pre-qualification. You'll submit paperwork that will verify your employment and income, as well as a number of other documents that detail your financial life. You can find a list of common documents you'll need in our guide on mortgage pre-approval. If you get pre-approved, you can let sellers know. They'll then consider you a serious buyer.

7. Pick a mortgage lender and apply. After you've found the home you want and have your offer approved, it's time to get official by applying for your mortgage loan. You don't have to apply to one of the mortgage lender?s that gave you pre-approval, but if you're happy with one of them, apply with that lender. If you want to keep shopping, go for it. Even a small difference in the interest rate can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan. There will be lots of paperwork to gather and turn in for your loan. Get as prepared as you can to avoid delays.

8. Close on your home. If your loan application is approved, the next step is closing on your home. The mortgage becomes official on the day you close. To be ready on the big day, you'll need a pen and the funds for your closing costs and down payment, typically in the form of a cashier's check. Closing costs will be 2% to 5% of the total cost of the home, and you'll find out the exact amount on your Closing Disclosure at least three days before you close. There will be lots of paper signing, but there shouldn't be any surprises at this point. Sign your name, get your keys, and find out when and to whom you should make your first month's mortgage payment.

Call New Mexico Mountain Property for all your real estate needs! Whether you are looking to buy a Taos home for sale or a Condo in Taos, call 575-758-5852 for Paula or call 575-377-2626 for Homes for sale in Angel Fire or an Angel Fire condo for sale. Let our expert brokers help you find the home of your dreams! We look forward to serving you!

Cool Summer Escape!

Every season is a great time to visit beautiful Angel Fire, but if you are looking to escape the summer heat...the valley is the place to be!

With our daily rain showers and cool breezes keeping things fresh, it's the time to soak up the summer in our little village. While you're here, consider staying awhile! We have had many homes and land parcels that have been reduced and are ready to sell! It's a great time to buy your dream home in Angel Fire or find some Angel Fire land for sale. There are also many condos for sale in Angel Fire so you always have a getaway... Whether it's from the heat, for skiing in the Angel Fire Resort area or just a weekend away with friends and family, let our expert brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties help you with all your real estate needs!

Call 575-377-2626 or 575-758-5852 for Paula and let us help you make this summer slice of heaven a year round escape for you!

4th of July Mountain Majesty

Will you be in the area this 4th of July? There is so much to do to celebrate the wonderful USA that we live in! As you are spending time with family, watching fireworks and enjoying wonderful picnics, take some time to see the other stunning sights in the area, including all the Angel Fire land for sale or homes for sale in the area. Many parcels have recently been reduced and there is a large selection to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a home in Angel Fire that is already built or you want to build your dream home on an Angel Fire lot with fabulous views, our knowledgeable brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties can help! Come find a condo for sale in Angel Fire or if you are looking for commercial property for sale, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for in the beautiful valley!

Call 575-377-2626 for Angel Fire land or homes for sale or call 575-758-5852 for Paula in Taos. We also have Taos land for sale as well as Taos condos or lovely adobe homes in Taos as well. Whatever your needs are, we can help guide you in all your real estate needs!

Vacation Homes: What to consider before you dive in…

Buying a vacation home is appealing on many levels. Having your own private getaway to run off to at a moment's notice is an exciting adventure to explore, but if you consider a few important details, it could be a great investment when you are not there as well.

When buying a home, there are three categories in which homes can fall: 1) Primary Residence 2) Second Home 3) Investment Property

The Primary Residence comes with tax benefits and require smaller down payments, depending on the mortgage and unless you are planning on being on vacation most of the time, your vacation home will not be your primary residence.

A Second Home cannot be rented out, but you do have access to it at any time. The tax benefits are similar to a primary residence, but you will need to qualify for a second home mortgage and will need to put at least 10-20% down.

An Investment Property will also require you to qualify and at least a 20% down payment, but lenders will consider a portion of the rent as income and can help you qualify easier. You will not receive the same tax benefits, but because you can rent the home out when you are not using it, the income can offset some of the costs. Some costs to consider: Closing costs, inspection, taxes, insurance, utilities, furnishings, property maintenance, cleaning crews between stays and travel back and forth. Another cost is an alarm system due to the fact that your vacation home will be a distance from where you live. This is not only good to deter criminals, but also can help detect a burst pipe, an electrical outage or fire. Any high tech alarm system can help as well as a friendly neighbor or property management company.

After you have considered all these factors, the best resource you can have on your team is a local real estate broker. They will know the area, the market, and can help you find just the right property to fit your needs. If you are looking to expand your portfolio, whether it is a primary residence, second home or vacation home, call our expert brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties in Taos or Angel Fire. Our knowledgeable team can help you navigate this adventure.

To find Taos land for sale, Taos homes or condos in the Taos Ski Valley, call us @ 575-758-5852 or 575-770-3306 for Paula or for Angel Fire condos, Angel Fire land or homes call us @ 575-377-2626 or stop by the log cabin at the blinking light with the tipi out front. We look forward to serving you!

End of Ski Season, but New Beginnings Ahead!

You still have about 10 days to fit in some last minute skiing for the season, and while you are here come visit us at New Mexico Mountain Properties for all your real estate needs! We will work around your ski days and help you find the perfect Angel Fire condo for sale or land in Angel Fire to build that cozy cabin you have always dreamed of.

Just a reminder that owning a lot in the Angel Fire Resort area will allow you all the privileges that come with being a home owner in the resort. Discounted skiing, access to the Country Club facilities and more! There are many beautiful Angel Fire lots to choose from or fully furnished homes for sale in Angel Fire as well.

Stop by our Angel Fire office at 27585 Highway 64 at the blinking light with the Native American tipi out front. Let our knowledgeable brokers help you find the perfect place to call home or just home away from home. We can help you make your dreams a reality! Call us @ 575-377-2626 or in Taos call 575-758-5852

Mardi Gras in the Mountains

Come celebrate Mardi Gras with the locals, and while you are at it, come see our exceptional brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties in Angel Fire. If you are looking for an Angel Fire Condo or Angel Fire home for sale, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for! Whether it's a weekend getaway condo, a second home or land to build the home of your dreams, we can help. Angel Fire condos that overlook the ski mountain and homes in Angel Fire that you can ski in and out of are here waiting to hold your memories. Call our Angel Fire office at 575-377-2626 and we will work with your schedule to show you the adventure and beauty that awaits you in Angel Fire, New Mexico. In Taos, you can call 575-758-5852.

Angel Fire Resort Mardi Gras Activities

Friday 3/1 Live Music from Toe-Up 5 – 10pm | Chianti's Art & Carafe 6 – 8pm | Legends

Saturday 3/2 Gumbo 11am – 2pm | Zia Bar Mask Making 2 – 3pm | Village Haus S'mores 4pm | Deck High School Interact Club Dance Fundraiser 6:30 – 9:30pm | Garden Court Mardi Gras Kick Off Party | Village Haus LIVE MUSIC Bus Dapes | 4 – 7pm Toe-Up | 7 – 10pm Kids Play Zone 6 – 10pm | Conference Rooms A & B

Sunday 3/3 Mardi Gras Parade 3 – 3:30pm | N. Angel Fire Rd & Vail Ave Wine Tasting & Live Music from Cory LeBert 4 – 5:30pm | Legends Village Haus Après 4 – 6pm Live Music from Toe-Up 6:30 – 10pm | Chianti's

Monday 3/4 Village Haus Après 4 – 6pm Mardi Gras Ball with Live Music from the Jimmy Stadler Band 5 – 10pm | Country Club Tickets $55/person by calling 575-377-6755 more information @ Live Music from Toe-Up 6:30 – 10pm | Chianti's

Fat Tuesday 3/5 Kids Crafts 2 – 3pm | Village Haus FAT Tuesday Party Garden Court LIVE MUSIC Toe-Up | 5:30 – 7:30pm The Rudy Boy Experiment | 8 – 10pm Kids Play Zone 6 – 10pm | Conference Rooms A & B

Wednesday 3/6 Village Haus Après 4 – 6pm Live Music from Toe-Up 6:30 – 10pm | Chianti's

SNOW much to do around town in February…

Now is the time to get away and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Angel Fire- grab your skis and hit the slopes, enjoy the view from a condo in the Angel Fire Resort or sit by the fire in a cabin with a good book. However you choose to enjoy it, your trip can be enhanced with events for fun or to support a great cause!

From wine tasting festivals, concerts and parades to Military Winter Fest honoring our country's finest heroes, come join in the action!

While you are here, be sure and stop by and see one of our expert brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties at the blinking light with the Native American tipi. We can help you find an Angel Fire Condo for sale or a home for sale in Angel Fire.

There are so many options to help you choose a property that will be perfect for those weekend getaways with family and friends. Call our Angel Fire office @ 575-377-2626 or in Taos call 575-758-5852. We look forward to serving you!

Upcoming Events in Angel Fire, NM February 16th is a Sweetheart Wine Tasting Festival hosted by our local Rotary Club that raises money for local high school scholarships. Also coming up February 21st -24th is our annual Military Winterfest: The 5th Annual Military Winterfest showcases four days of snow-filled fun, live entertainment, savory food, and exclusive military discounts. Hosted and organized by the National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center Angel Fire, this will be a winter celebration of our military, both active & veterans. Skiing, Snowboarding, sleigh rides, tubing, family, and off-hill activities. For more information go to For more information check out

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