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Discover the Magic of Kino Bay!

Kino Bay is situated along the eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez, in Sonora, Mexico. Just over an hour's drive from Sonora's capital, Hermosillo, the quaint seaside town of Kino Bay offers a tranquil environment with pristine beaches, turquoise waters, access to a multitude of outdoor activities, and all the charm of Old Mexico.

Kino Bay Estates is a seaside development with stunning panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez, majestic islands just off the coast, and even glimpses across the entire Sea of Cortez to Baja! This location was specifically chosen due it's outstanding views, proximity to town, and access to beaches and the Sea. Kino Bay Estates also offers residents access to a series of boat ramps for water sports!

Kino Bay Estates...where life's a beach, a boat, a bike, and so much more...

Kino Bay Estates offers opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to scuba and snorkeling, to boating and fishing, to jet skiing and sea kayaking! If you love horses, then hundreds of miles of riding and exploring awaits. If you prefer the water, then enjoy world class diving, fishing, and boating all year! For some, it's the simple pleasure of sand between your toes, the soft lull of the sea, and a cool drink. Kino Bay Estates offers all this, and the fun of shopping for local crafts and enjoying the local cuisine, all within walking distance to the community gates.

Kino Bay - Mexico at its Finest

The charming seaside town of Bahia Kino, or Kino Bay, is divided into Old Kino, the original settlement, where generations of fishermen have made their homes, and New Kino, which has sprung up along the coast, as the area's popularity has grown. Because of it's crystal clear waters and immaculate beaches, Kino Bay is known as "The Pearl of the Sea of Cortez".

Visit the natural preserve along Kino's southern coast and view a myriad of bird and animal species. Come see the Seri Indian Museum, where you can witness centuries of historical artifacts, and purchase hand-made baskets and pottery from this little know group of native people.

Taste the wonderful flavor of the local cuisine. Enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and local dishes, prepared with traditional Sonoran spices and seasonings, which create an exhilarating culinary experience with each meal!

Retire... In Mexico!

Retiring to Mexico is becoming a popular and economic way to make your golden years a comfortable and relaxing experience. Many Americans are now realizing the affordability and stability that retiring to Mexico can offer. With our special financing, opportunities, building your dream home is within reach!

Nearby International Airport and Modern Convenience Stores

Reach Kino Bay from Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, Mexico. Dozens of daily flights arrive and depart from Hermosillo International Airport to destinations around the globe. Kino Bay Estates is just over an hour's drive from Hermosillo, where you can purchase supplies and electronics from local stores selling familiar American products.

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