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Kino Bay Estates: Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-citizens own property in Baja?

Absolutely! Property can be purchased and rightfully owned through a REAL ESTATE BANK TRUST. This process provides the buyer with all of the protection and rights that are provided to you in the United States.

How long does a trust remain in effect and can it be renewed?

A real estate bank trust holds a term of 50 years. At the end of that 50 year term additional terms of 50 years each are guaranteed by the Secretary of Foreign Relations.

Can property be sold or passed to third parties through inheritence?

You will find no problem transferring ownership of your property from yourself to another party through sale or inheritence. Mexico's laws simply state that the recipient/buyer must apply for a new permit with the Secretary of State.

Why buy property in Baja?

Baja provides all of the elements required for a successful retirement or vacation property. - Proximity to the United States - Affordable living - Geared for growth - Tropical climate year-round