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Taos: Number One place in New Mexico to Retire

Looking for a place to Retire? According to a new study from SmartAsset that measured "tax friendliness, availability of medical care and social opportunities for seniors" for cities throughout the state, Taos is the best place to retire in New Mexico. Other areas that were looked at include tax burden, as well as doctors offices, recreation centers and retirement centers per 1,000 people.

We, here at New Mexico Mountain Properties, would love to show you around and help you find a house or condo that meets all of your retirement needs.

44th Annual Fall Art Festival

Taos Fall Art is the oldest Festival in Taos which showcases emerging and established artists within Taos County.

This year's festival will take place September 21st-30th, 2018 10-6 daily throughout various venues i n Taos. This year's Fall Art poster artist is Ed Sandoval. See his limited edition print at the Guadalupe Parrish Gym.

While you are enjoying the festival, you may also want to check out Taos real estate for sale. Perhaps you would like to see condos for sale in Taos for those weekend getaways, or perhaps a Taos home for sale may be right for you.

Our experienced Taos Real Estate brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties are here to assist you. You can reach us at 575-758-5852.

We also have an office in Angel Fire. So if you want to see an Angle Fire home for sale or perhaps you would prefer to build your dream home on some spectacular Angel Fire Mountain acreage, we can also assist you. Call our Angle Fire Real Estate office at 575-377-2626.

Enjoy our fabulous fall weather...the aspen leaves are just staring to change to their glorious bright yellow.


Nearing the END of summer already?? No way!!!! Things are Rockin' N Rollin' up here in the northern mountains of Taos, New Mexico! Come join in at the Taos Ski Valley on Friday August 17 through the 19th for their 2nd Annual Wine Festival. Days in Taos this time of year have so many varied events going much to offer...stroll thru the Plaza and shops, look over to Kit Carson Park and you are sure to see some great festival taking place. But in the meantime...while here and enjoying the fresh, clean, mountain air and sunshine you just might wish to check out some of the amazing Taos Real Estate. It's hot, it's jumping... So give us a call at 575 758-5852. Any one of our experienced Brokers would be happy to assist you with your search. Whether you are searching for a weekend getaway and want a Taos condo or maybe a Taos home might be more your preference! And then...with all the wonderful Taos land for sale it may inspire you to build your dream home. The perfect piece of paradise awaits you. Whatever your desire, we are here to show you all that Taos real estate has to offer!

TAOS and A Wonderful Summer

Come to Taos, New Mexico to experience all the fun activities of the name but a few would be 25th Annual TAOS summer Arts & Crafts Show at Kit Carson Park on the 11th, 10-5pm, the really fun Taos Pride Pet pageant at Kit Carson Park at 2pm, & it's Free. Later that evening will be the 9th Annual Dog Days of Summer Concert BENEFITING the Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos at the Solar Center. Don't forget also Salt & Pepper will be playing live at the Taos Inn 6:30-9:30 that evening. Sunday the 12TH is the amazing KTAOS Trash & Treasures Flea Market at the Solar Center in Taos 9am thru to 3pm.. All awesome events plus sooo many more! While you are here enjoying these wonderful events you may want to check out some of the amazing Taos Real Estate. Real estate in Taos is give us a call at 575 758-5852 and one of our experienced Brokers will be happy to assist you whether you are looking for a Taos condo for those weekend getaways or perhaps a Taos home for sale might be your preference. We also have lots of Taos land for sale for you to build perfect piece of paradise. Whatever your desire....we are here to show you all that Taos real estate has to offer.

RODEO DE TAOS, June 23rd - June 24th, 2018


What an incredible weekend for the folks here in beautiful, enchanted Taos, New Mexico! The main large event is of course the Annual Rodeo De Taos!!! Saturday and Sunday June 23rd and 24th!!!! Put on annually (now in its 51st year) by the New Mexico Rodeo Association each day is a separate rodeo!!! There will be Saddle Bronc riding, Steer Wrestling, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Bull Riding, Bareback Bronc Riding, Jr. Bull name it...something for everyone!! But...just in case you may not be totally into are just not that cowboy/cowgirl at heart do not much else going on this weekend in many events planned...The Taos Opera Institute Festival, Bittersweet Highway will be performing, an event to honor the Summer Solstice, Beyond The Hum...original Taos Music, Swing Music to be performed at the Sagebrush Cantina, and much much more. While enjoying these events...there is always time to spend looking at Homes for sale in Taos, Taos Condo's and even Taos land for sale! Any of our Realtors in our Taos real estate office of New Mexico Mountain Properties will be happy to show you what could be your Taos dream home . (be it Taos Property for Sale at this moment or an existing Taos home for sale) or home away from home with that Taos Condo For Sale here in exciting but low key...glorious TAOS, NEW MEXICO...Just call us at 575 758-5852.

Taos Named “Most Romantic” Town for Holidays

Now that Taos Plaza is full of holiday lights, a lit Christmas tree and stores have put out their best decorations, Taos has been named one of 30 "most romantic small towns" in the U .S. for the holidays.

The artsy town of Taos- arguably a romantic place any time of year-comes to life during the holidays with tree lightings, concerts and craft fairs.

Every Christmas Eve, locals and visitors gather for a religious procession that takes place at the Taos Pueblo. Bonfires, luminarias and a historic gun salute are enjoyed by the crowd, who experience a unique Southwestern style of the Christmas spirit.

So when looking for the best Taos or Angel Fire Real Estate let us help you find your dream home. With amazing homes for sale in Angel Fire and Taos, you are sure to find that perfect home. Maybe land for sale in Taos and Angel Fire might be what you are looking for to build your dream home or live off the grid in our stunning Earthship homes for sale in Taos. How about a fabulous condo for sale in Angel Fire or Taos Ski Valley that puts you close to the slopes? Whatever you fancy, we are here to assist. Call us at 575-377-2626 in Angel Fire or 575-758-5852 in Taos our dedicated knowledgeable agents go that extra mile to find exactly what you require. To speak directly to a broker call Paula at 575-770-3306. We are here to serve and welcome you to our growing community.

Don't Let Your Dream Home Slip Away for a Few Extra Dollars

I could lose a sale today. A sale that's been in the works for 6 weeks. It's supposed to close in a few days, but the loan process has thrown a wrench in the works.

I represent the sweetest couple you'll ever meet. Fellow Texans, we relate as though we grew up together. I was looking forward to having them as part-time neighbors until they could retire here permanently.

This couple is golden . . . their credit perfect, strong, professional people, paid-for primary residence, no debt: absolutely golden when it comes to getting a mortgage. The problem is that this dream property is comprised of two small houses on 16 acres of land.

We'd looked off and on for a couple of years to find just the perfect property. And this is it . . . one house can be lived in, the other rented, another small studio space, even a chicken coop for the chickens they want to raise. But the icing on the cake is the setting of the property. It overlooks the valley with the most incredible mountain views, and the landscaping is top notch. Gorgeous.

They found the perfect retirement situation. It's exactly what they want. They fell hard for it. Then came the loan process . . . and the comps. There were none for two small houses on 16 acres of land. The seller has kindly done a lot line adjustment so that the two houses are on one five-acre lot, with the remaining 11 acres a separate piece of property. The buyers would purchase the two houses on the five acres with their mortgage loan and the seller would hold the note on the other 11 acres with very reasonable terms.

This sounds like a very creative way to solve the problem. And these days with mortgaging so difficult, we agents are accustomed to being creative. The buyers, however, wanted the mortgage loan on the entire property, thinking it would cost them more in the long run to have two loans on the property.

I spent the entire 4th of July holiday getting figures for them for this scenario. In the end, the buyers would need to come up with an extra $4800 in cash, and their two monthly payments together would cost them only about $45 more than if they had one loan on the entire property. I presented this scenario to the buyers and they're thinking about it.

As an agent here in Taos for over 12 years, I know not only what's currently on the market, but most of the properties that may never be for sale. I know this is a one-of-a-kind situation, and perfect for these wonderful people. If they decide not to follow through on this purchase, we will remain friends, and I will show them other properties. But, if they let this go, my greatest fear for them is that they will always be comparing other properties to the one they threw away for $4800 more in cash and $45 a month.

The moral of my story is this: Don't let your dream home slip away. Especially for just a few dollars. I've lived in Taos for over 15 years, bought my property before I knew anything about the market, and have since found I paid too much. But am I agonizing now for paying too much for my dream? Dreams are meant for living and enjoying. Don't let a few dollars keep you from yours. Life is short. Do anything you can to achieve your dream.

All best,

Katheryn Pate, Associate Broker, New Mexico Mountain Properties: 575-770-5023

Taos Real Estate Dreams and Visions

I had a Taos real estate dream last night. I'm not kidding. I dreamed a neighbor of mine out here in the Tune Drive area, near the Gorge, called me to say she was putting her Taos house on the market. Great, I thought, I'll get another listing! The inventory for homes in Taos is low right now, and this seemed like a great property listing for me.

Of course, I told her, I'd love to list your house! She replied that she wouldn't be listing the property with me, but that she was listing it as a FSBO (For Sale by Owner), and she wanted me to "just put it on the MLS."

Well, of course this naïve request immediately woke me up! And I began thinking how uninformed many homeowners are about real estate marketing. As I lay in bed, unable to go back to sleep, I thought over and over about all the reasons homeowners shouldn't try to sell their homes themselves:

1. Agents probably won't show your home. Selling real estate is a tough business. Does the FSBO homeowner think an agent wants to negotiate with the owner of a property over a potential sale when there are other listings out there that have a posted commission due the buyer's agent? Too much time and trouble.

2. Do you think potential buyers just love having the homeowner hang around while they're looking at the FSBO? Not usually. It's hard to discuss with the homeowner any defects the home may have. An agent can effectively field issues the buyer or seller has about the property.

3. No, FSBO sellers don't pay a commission, but why do they usually get greedier and set a higher price for the property?

4. The FSBO seller can't list his or her property on the local MLS. Yes, there are FSBO websites, but I get most of my Taos real estate leads here in the Taos area from people calling in to speak with an agent. Savvy buyers know speaking with an agent is the best way to find an area they'll like, not just a home.

Yes, homeowners have to pay a commission if they list their property with a licensed agent, but think carefully before you say, "no," to utilizing this professional service. In the long run, you'll sell your home for a higher price, in a shorter timeframe, and with less hassle if you list with an agent. Save yourself the headache and let the real estate pros do your selling for you.

The Taos real estate market has very few FSBO homes available right now. Finally returning to sleep, I was comforted by the thought that we have some really smart sellers here.

Hope to see you in my dreams . . .

Katheryn Pate, Associate Broker, New Mexico Mountain Properties: 575-770-5023

Fall in Love With Taos

Fall is the time to fall in love with our beautiful area. Aspens turning, cool breezes blowing, and the sun comes at you from a new angle. You know it's around the corner: pinon smoke from the Taos Pueblo kivas, long hikes in a flannel shirt, hot suppers at home.

Wouldn't you love to have a home up here where the air is clear, the traffic is tame, and the people are small-town, just down-home, just plain nice? Wouldn't you love to get out of the rat race, out of the traffic, out of the humidity, out of the world, for heaven's sake?

Buying a home in Taos is buying a new dream, a new way of life, a new beginning. Taos homes are some of the most unique in the world. From Pueblo style to adobe farmhouses, to off the grid earthships, your unique Taos home is here waiting for you.

Taos homes are reasonably priced. In fact, you could find your Taos home at a real bargain price this time of year. Or if it's your dream to buy a fantastic piece of Taos land and build your dream home, Taos land is a bargain as well.

Whether you'd like to see Taos homes or Taos land, we hope you'll decide to let us show you around and let us introduce you to the magic of living in beautiful Taos. You'll never want to go back . . .

Taos Real Estate

Where could you go to build your ultimate dream home? The islands are nice, but Taos real estate is better. Do you like mountains? Taos real estate has them. What about high-mountain deserts? Taos real estate mesas are at about 7000 feet. Did you mention a river, by chance? What about the Rio Grande River that takes up a big chunk of Taos real estate? Do you like huge, blue skies with dramatic sunrises and sunsets? Again, Taos real estate . . .

But where could you go to get everything you want in a big, huge package? Sure, Taos real estate, but where in the Taos real estate market would you find everything you want: a long ancient river with 360-degree mountain views, a high desert mesa for viewing spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and dark, starry skies beneath the Milky Way?

Here's a hint: About 25 minutes from the historic Taos Plaza sits a wide swath of mesa, hills, gorge and sky. It's divided into 2.5-acre to 6-acre and up lots with underground utilities for the 360-degree unobstructed views, well shares are in place, and you are literally steps down an ancient stagecoach trail that takes you to the Rio Grande River and the historic Manby Hot Springs alongside the river.

Gorge View Estates is the most romantic, historic, view-filled wonder you could ever hope to find, and we're lucky to have it here, included in our Taos real estate offerings. Gorge View Estates is the essence of Taos real estate, and it's here waiting for you and your architect.

Come experience Taos real estate and Gorge View Estates today. 2.5-acre homesites begin at $100,000.

Remember, Taos real estate has never been as accessible as it is today. Taos real estate sellers often offer seller financing, and mortgage rates are at an all-time low. Come experience Taos real estate now, before everyone else in the world gets tuned in to this magical place. Taos real estate . . . it's a dream.

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