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How to price your home to get the Highest Offer

First of all, you must be competitive to the market. Check out the other homes in your area that are similar . Be honest with yourself in determining what price would give buyers the best value.

Of course, the easiest way to determine a price is to consult an experienced real estate broker. Our experienced brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties can do a comparative market analysis for you and would be happy to list you home for sale in Taos or your Angel Fire home.

Whether you are planning to sell a Taos condo or a condo in Angel Fire, we can advise you every step of the way.

We also specialize in land and ranches in the Taos and Angel Fire areas, so if you have land in Taos that you want to sell or Angel Fire acreage for sale, we are here to assist you as well.

Fall is the best time to sell your Taos or Angel Fire property. With offices in Taos and in Angel Fire, we are here to give you the best service and bring you a buyer for your Taos or Angel Fire property.

TAOS SKI VALLEY…winter is on its’ way!

The Taos Ski Valley is continuing to build and remodel and invest in its infrastructure and amenities (to the tune of $300 million) thereby giving its visitors the best possible experience! This 2018-2019 winter season will be the opening season of its new high-speed quad chairlift. It will transport all who ride it in a matter of approximately 5 minutes from base to top. Already newly renovated are the popular Bavarian and The Phoenix Grill. They now have a new children's center as well as a "gondolita" connecting the base with the beginner area. The fact that TSV is a B Corporation means that though they are a for-profit business they need to be certified by non-profit B labs to meet the standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. A wonderful undertaking on their part and impressive to live up to. By the way...they expect to open the 2018-2019 season as of November 22nd . So when you are here in Taos busy with your skiing this winter...and loving the experience...remember that we at New Mexico Mountain Properties are here to help you further that experience by showing you the Taos Ski Valley Condos for sale for quick weekend getaways and/or homes for sale in Taos for when you decide to make that move here. Whether it is a Taos or Taos Ski Valley condo or a Taos home for sale for yourself or as a great rental/investment opportunity...our experienced Taos Real Estate Brokers will work around your schedule to show you all that you have an interest in. Call us here at 575 758-5852. Have a great ski season...and be safe!

So You Wish to become a BRAND New 1st time Home owner!!

Well you are not alone! And it is an exciting time! But it is a process you will have to go through. First you have to find and trust an experienced Real Estate Broker. Our dedicated Taos real estate brokers and our Angel Fire real estate brokers can then help you to start the process will need to think about your wants and many bedrooms, bathrooms. square footage, amount of acreage. What area do you prefer to live in? Do you prefer a 1 or 2 story home? And much more so that you end up with the home of your dreams. That same Broker will list for you what documents will be needed from you for you to start the mortgage process. It is a fun time, but you will need to consider many things at the same time. That is why notes written down regarding each home you visit become so helpful to work from ,whether we are talking about an Angel Fire Condo , or a Taos condo for sale, a home in Taos or an Angel Fire mountain home for sale. Our knowledgeable Taos and Angel Fire Realtors are here to assist you.

We have an office in Taos at 502 Camino Cortez , 575 758-5852 as well as our Angel Fire office located at the junction of Highway 64 and 434 at the blinking light , 575 377-2626 We are just a phone call away from offering you the help you require. They know the Taos real estate market as well as the real estate market in Angel Fire and are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the process. Angel Fire homes and Taos homes for Sale are experiencing a wonderful selling and buying season... Fall is soon upon us...a wonderful time to visit the Enchanted Circle and find you perfect property!!


35 years of wonderful classical music is once again upon us here in Taos and Angel Fire. The sounds of Violins, Violas, Bassoons, Cello's and Piano can be heard throughout the Moreno Valley. Come partake the Magic of Mozart! Opening night in both Taos and Angel Fire (8-16, 8-17th) also includes Native American Flutist Robert Mirabal. A joy to behold in-store for us music lovers! The Concerts continue through September 1st at which time our musicians then head back to their homes on the east coast of America. Here is its' schedule for your perusal and convenience: August 16th Curtis Virtuosi – Rising Stars of Curtis - 4pm, Angel Fire RV park - Free 17th Mozart Two by Two & the Marvelous Mirabal – 7pm, Taos Center for the Arts 18th The Miracle of Mirabal – 7pm, Angel Fire Community Center 19th Fanfares & Viola Quintets of Mozart, Part 1 – 2pm, AF Baptist Church 20th Chamber Music 101- 1:30pm, United Church of Angel Fire – Free 22nd First Hearing: Andrea Clearfield – World Premiere -7pm, Angel Fire Community Center 23rd The Stars of Tomorrow – 7pm Taos Center for the Arts 24th Fanfares & Viola Quintets of Mozart, Part 2 – 7pm, United Church of Angel Fire 25th Happy 100, Leonard Bernstein – 3pm, Taos Center for the Arts 29th Youth and Family Concert – 10am, Taos Center for the Arts – Free Chamber Music 101 – 1pm, United Church of Angel Fire – Free 30th Youth & Family Concert – 10am, Eagle Nest Elementary School, Eagle Nest – Free " " " - 1pm, Moreno Valley High School, Angel Fire – Free September 1st Annual Salon Concert – 2pm, Angel Fire Community Center

During the morning and afternoons before and even in-between concerts, our experienced Taos Brokers or our brokers in Angel Fire will be happy to show you either Taos Real Estate for sale or real estate in Angel Fire. Give us a call at our Taos real estate office 575 758-5852 or our real estate office in Angel Fire at 575 377-2626. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, a condo in Taos may be for you or an Angel Fire condo for those ski weekends with friends , we can assist you. We can also show you lovely Taos homes for sale as well as homes for sale in Angel Fire. If land to build your dream home is what you are looking for, we have everything from small Angel Fire lots for sale as well as larger acreage in Taos and in the Angel Fire area. Our Taos and Angel Fire Realtors will walk you through the process of buying, or building as they are well versed in both. Enjoy the concerts and don't forget to give us a call for the Best in Taos and Angel Fire Real Estate.


Nearing the END of summer already?? No way!!!! Things are Rockin' N Rollin' up here in the northern mountains of Taos, New Mexico! Come join in at the Taos Ski Valley on Friday August 17 through the 19th for their 2nd Annual Wine Festival. Days in Taos this time of year have so many varied events going much to offer...stroll thru the Plaza and shops, look over to Kit Carson Park and you are sure to see some great festival taking place. But in the meantime...while here and enjoying the fresh, clean, mountain air and sunshine you just might wish to check out some of the amazing Taos Real Estate. It's hot, it's jumping... So give us a call at 575 758-5852. Any one of our experienced Brokers would be happy to assist you with your search. Whether you are searching for a weekend getaway and want a Taos condo or maybe a Taos home might be more your preference! And then...with all the wonderful Taos land for sale it may inspire you to build your dream home. The perfect piece of paradise awaits you. Whatever your desire, we are here to show you all that Taos real estate has to offer!

TAOS and A Wonderful Summer

Come to Taos, New Mexico to experience all the fun activities of the name but a few would be 25th Annual TAOS summer Arts & Crafts Show at Kit Carson Park on the 11th, 10-5pm, the really fun Taos Pride Pet pageant at Kit Carson Park at 2pm, & it's Free. Later that evening will be the 9th Annual Dog Days of Summer Concert BENEFITING the Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos at the Solar Center. Don't forget also Salt & Pepper will be playing live at the Taos Inn 6:30-9:30 that evening. Sunday the 12TH is the amazing KTAOS Trash & Treasures Flea Market at the Solar Center in Taos 9am thru to 3pm.. All awesome events plus sooo many more! While you are here enjoying these wonderful events you may want to check out some of the amazing Taos Real Estate. Real estate in Taos is give us a call at 575 758-5852 and one of our experienced Brokers will be happy to assist you whether you are looking for a Taos condo for those weekend getaways or perhaps a Taos home for sale might be your preference. We also have lots of Taos land for sale for you to build perfect piece of paradise. Whatever your desire....we are here to show you all that Taos real estate has to offer.

The British AREN'T Coming, The British AREN'T Coming!!

THE BRITISH AREN'T COMING, THE BRITISH AREN'T COMING... Already another week...and now we are truly into the BIG WEEK*****July 4th*** our Country's date of INDEPENDENCE!!!! From what I have read and learned in school what a battle that was! So to CELEBRATE....and with the approval of the NM State parks our FIREWORKS will be on display, as usual, over Eagle Nest Lake at dark 30 or something as we call it. Great fun and joy for all! Parking there at the Eagle Nest State park is available...bring your chairs, a basket of food, have a nighttime picnic!! Or even a late dinner in one of Eagle Nests many restaurants. Earlier this same day will be the annual Parade down Main Street in Eagle Nest and many barbecues to attend throughout the day 1 of which is the annual Fireman's Barbecue...good food, great cause! Again...I say COMMUNITY!

How else to spend that day....well let's can do some shopping, or visit with friends or...more constructive yet....make a phone call to us here at New Mexico Mountain Properties and set up an appointment to go look at Angel Fire Condo's for sale for your weekend retreats or even one of our many lovely Angel Fire Homes for sale . No more bunking in with friends...find your own Angel Fire dream home or a condo in Angel Fire to call your own. Better yet, allow one of our New Mexico Mountain Properties brokers to show you some of our spectacular Angel Fire Property for sale to build your very own dream home. We have Angel Fire Resort lots for sale as well as larger parcels in 2 of our fabulous communities, Taos Pines Ranch and Hidden Lake...both offering 10-20 acres of mountain land . Perhaps something larger would be what you are looking for....we have several ranches for sale in the Angel Fire area so whatever your fancy....we have something for you. As we say up doesn't get much better! Our numbers are (575) 377-2626 or (575)770-3306. We are located at the intersection of the blinking light at US Highway 64 and State Road 434...That big TIPI you see there is where we are located! We are awaiting your call or just stop by....our experienced New Mexico Mountain Properties brokers are here to serve you.

Have a Happy and SAFE 4th of July!

The DAM Tour!!!

The DAM TOUR It's already upon us..another week... So now...the weather up here in the Enchanted Circle, the gorgeous Moreno Valley, has been just days (in the low to mid 80's) cool nights....50's or so....sunshine, flowers blooming! It does not get much better. Well...for those of us who already live up here be it full-time or part-time it doesn't!! For those of you who do not...PLEASE...allow us help you to make life that much better! Our experienced Realtors at New Mexico Mountain Properties will be pleased to show you our many Angel Fire Condo's for sale, the best Angel Fire Homes for sale as well as all the various Angel Fire land and lots for sale from small to larger acreage...we have land in Angel Fire for you to build your dream house so that you too can truly do doesn't get much better!

Oh my gosh......Friday evening June 29th... another Friday night OUTDOOR FREE CONCERT at Frontier Park from 5-7pm. Bring your chairs, blankets, kids, dogs, etc ...have some fun mingling with neighbors and many a new folk up here to enjoy their weekend....Saturday June 30th is the annual TRASH TO TREASURES Flea Market and Book Sale held at the Angel Fire Community Center. The doors open at 8 and remain so until 3pm and then (you really should get there early and spend time on line with neighbors and friends) is so large it extends over to Sunday 9am through 1pm!!! This is a fabulous large indoor "yard & garage" sale and best part of it all is that it directly benefits the Shuter Library of Angel Fire, NM! What a great community project! A true WIN-WIN for all! OH...almost forgot...rather different but I think of Saturday June 30th through July 7th we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Nest Dam! There will be tours given of the Dam, music, sports, food and drink there...when was the last time you and your family actually TOURED a Dam???

Take a break afterwards, relax and then why not meet up with one of our Realtors here at New Mexico Mountain Properties. Stop by our office at the junction of Highway 64 and 434 (the log home with the tipi out front) . We will be happy to assist you in finding that perfect piece of Angel Fire land or perhaps a condo in Angel Fire will better suit your needs. There are also still plenty of lovely homes for sale in Angel Fire! Give us a call at (575) 377-2626 or (575) 770-3306 to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Oh...per chance you are a 1st time HOME BUYER..not to worry...we will walk you through the process from start to finish when you are handed the key to your new home in Angel Fire, NM! Again...'I doesn't get much better!

Rockin and Rollin in Angel Fire

Well..or should I say WOW...another Friday starting the weekend here in Angel Fire...lets see..TONIGHT..the 2nd in the summer series of free outdoor concerts at Frontier Park from 5-7:00pm.....get there early for good parking, bring your kids, dogs, blanket, chairs...whatever and just sit outside, chat with your neighbors, see old friends and ENJOY the music! Also happening in Angel Fire and Eagle Nest, New Mexico this weekend....the good ole' Family Playday RODEO with Mutton Busting, Pole Bending, Flag Run, Straight Barrels and for the whole family.

Before you know it..just another week or so away...Eagle Nest will host its annual FIREWORKS DISPLAY over Eagle Nest Lake, there will be tours of the DAM to help celebrate its anniversary! Folks...we are truly into SUMMER SEASON up here...we are a rockin and a rollin!!!

Whether you are out riding horses, fishing at 1 of our lakes, boating on either of them, playing tennis, spending time on our high mountain golf course, hiking...whatever.....Angel Fire and the surrounding communities of Black Lake, Eagle Nest, Ocate and Guadalupita are really the places to be for an enjoyable summer with your family.

To enjoy it us a call at New Mexico Mountain Properties here in Angel Fire at 575 377-2626. We are located the crossroads of US 64 and Highway 434..look for the Log Cabin with the TIPI by it.... One of our Realtors will be happy to present you with fabulous choices for your weekend getaway at your Angel Fire Condo, or Angel Fire Land to build your dream or possibly,,,you may find your new Angel Fire Home for sale already in existence!!

Real estate in Angel Fire is hot, but our weather is cool and pleasant.... Come on up and join in the fun for summer...but don't forget...that an Angel Fire Condo, Angel Fire home or even Angel Fire land for sale await you! Allow one of our experienced New Mexico Mountain Properties brokers to show you all that Angel Fire Real Estate has to offer.

RODEO DE TAOS, June 23rd - June 24th, 2018


What an incredible weekend for the folks here in beautiful, enchanted Taos, New Mexico! The main large event is of course the Annual Rodeo De Taos!!! Saturday and Sunday June 23rd and 24th!!!! Put on annually (now in its 51st year) by the New Mexico Rodeo Association each day is a separate rodeo!!! There will be Saddle Bronc riding, Steer Wrestling, Tie Down Roping, Team Roping, Bull Riding, Bareback Bronc Riding, Jr. Bull name it...something for everyone!! But...just in case you may not be totally into are just not that cowboy/cowgirl at heart do not much else going on this weekend in many events planned...The Taos Opera Institute Festival, Bittersweet Highway will be performing, an event to honor the Summer Solstice, Beyond The Hum...original Taos Music, Swing Music to be performed at the Sagebrush Cantina, and much much more. While enjoying these events...there is always time to spend looking at Homes for sale in Taos, Taos Condo's and even Taos land for sale! Any of our Realtors in our Taos real estate office of New Mexico Mountain Properties will be happy to show you what could be your Taos dream home . (be it Taos Property for Sale at this moment or an existing Taos home for sale) or home away from home with that Taos Condo For Sale here in exciting but low key...glorious TAOS, NEW MEXICO...Just call us at 575 758-5852.

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