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Don’t be a newbie: Avoid these common mistakes when buying your first home.

1.Getting too emotionally attached:

• Try finding "several homes you love so that you're not too emotionally invested in one."

2.Finding the home yourself:

• Just don't only rely on your brilliant research skills or the many real estate sites.

• Contact an experienced Realtor and allow he/she to vet homes for you.

3.Assuming you have no rules to follow as a homeowner:

• Some homes have restrictions that come with conditions.

• Restrictions vary, depending on where you're buying your home.

• Make sure you are aware of all covenants and restrictions that may apply to each listing.

4.Not saving enough money:

• Saved up enough money for a down payment. That's a huge accomplishment.

• It has been suggested that buyers have two to three months' worth of mortgage payments in reserve.

5.Pre-approved for a loan:

• Get proof of income and assets in the form of a pre-approval letter from a lender.

• This process simply means that the lender has looked through your financial situation and is comfortable with lending you a certain amount of money.

6.Paying private mortgage insurance (PMI):

• If you don't put down at least 20%, you may have to pay PMI.

• If you do, be sure to let your lender know what you have paid down. So that you only owe 80% of the homes' value.

• Your lender will cancel your PMI so that you don't have to pay a month more of PMI than necessary!

7.Not checking the price of homeowner's insurance:

• Homeowner's insurance pays to repair or completely rebuild your house if necessary.

• Policies and premiums vary so shop around for several insurers to find the best deal for you.

8.Not checking your credit score:

• Check your credit score at least three months prior to searching for a new house.

9.Not getting a home inspection:

• Homebuyers may want to skip this step, but all homes need inspections, even brand-new ones. There could be hidden issues with the home that only a licensed inspector will uncover.

• Don't be afraid to speak up and get issues fixed before you sign those settlement papers.

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