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Loan Requirements?

Do you require a 20 down payment to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan?

Not don't require the entire funds to get pre-approved for a loan. However, make sure that you have saved enough money when you start to shop around.

Even if you don't have all the money in your account presently, but you know that you have money coming to you like in a 401K or a refund check that is also OK.

If you start your home shopping without a sufficient down payment, you run the risk of scrambling for the money while under contract and not being able to come up with the money and then losing your deposit and your dream home!

There are also loans out there that you can get with a lower down payment than 20% so do your loan shopping before your house shopping!

Once you know exactly how much you qualify for and have your down payment money assured, then you can come to us at New Mexico Mountain Properties and we will assist you to find that perfect Angel Fire or Taos home.

Angel Fire and Taos Real Estate is our specialty whiter you are looking for angel Fire or Taos land to build your dream home or perhaps you would like an Angel Fire vacation condo. There are many Taos and Angel Fire homes to choose from and now is a perfect time to buy! Call us anytime at 575-377-2626 or call Paula directly at 575-770-3306 or stop in at our Taos or Angel Fire offices. We are here to serve all your Angel Fire or Taos real estate needs.

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