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7 Quotes To Survive Your Home Search

7 Quotes To Survive Your Home Search

House hunting can be stressful and filled with frustration and challenges. There is hope, just keep these quotes in mind to help guide you through the challenge.

1) Home is the nicest word there is:

Looking for a new home takes time and patience, but it's important to keep in mind that this needs to be a place that makes you happy and where you feel comfortable.

2) It is not the beauty you should look at; it's the construction and foundation that will stand the test of time:

While flashy and glamorous often sell houses, it is the structure and construction that really matter in buying that perfect home. Try to pay just as much attention to the unglamorous things when choosing to buy or rent a home.

3) Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet:

You're friends might tell you about how they went out with a real estate agent on a whim and the first house they looked at was the perfect house. These people need to be ignored. Real estate is like love. Sure, sometimes it happens at first sight, but it really takes patience, understanding, lots of work and examining all the pros and cons.

4) The root of suffering is attachment:

Buddha's quote says it all, when it comes to house hunting, detachment is vital. Until you have all the paperwork signed, there are many things that can go wrong. So don't get attached to that new home quite yet.

5) We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us:

Your home can affect you in many ways. Will that master bedroom without light make you sad? Will having a bigger bathroom give you more work to do? These are questions only you can answer for yourself. So make sure the home you are looking at it truly your dream home.

6) You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus:

You don't want to end up with a lemon that is going to cost far too much to fix up, so what you see at an open house might be just a mask to what's hiding underneath. Look past the sparkle and think about how you can make the space your own. You might be surprised at your own creativity.

7) Home is wherever I'm with you:

When everything is said and done, it's not the building that matters it's the people in it that matter most even if you live alone, a home is all about the people and animals in it. If you can remember that you will always find happiness in every moment that happens inside and outside your home, then the creaky floors or leaky pipes might not be such big deal after all. Home is where your heart and loved ones are.

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