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10 Essential Home Security Tips

10 Essential Home Security Tips

10 easy tips to keep your home from being a target this holiday season and all year long.

1. Beef up security systems

So you have set the alarm and have motion-activated lights outside, but there are some other things you need to consider doing to add more protection to your home. Try installing a heavy-duty lock strike plate on your door and adding sash pins to double-hung windows to make them more secure.

2. Look as though you live there when you're out of town

If your grass is still growing, be sure to mow it before you leave. If there is a big snow comming? Have someone to come by to shovel your walk and driveway and anything else to make it look like you are still there.

3. Windows + extension cords = bad

Holiday lights are fun? But, be sure you aren't running electrical extension cords through your windows. If you are unable to close and latch, you're sending burglars an invitation to invade.

4. Don't fall for door-to-door solicitations

A common way burglars see what goodies you have in your home is by posing as a charity workers asking for donations. If someone comes to your door, do not open it, or ask for an ID that verifies who they are and if they ask to come inside don't let them.

5. Use the latest technology

Take advantage of a device called FakeTV, which mimics the flickering light of a TV to make it look as though you are home. You can also use Wi-Fi-connected plug-in devices that will allow you to turn lights on and off remotely with your cellphone or mobile device.

6. Keep your tree out of sight

The Christmas tree in front of the window is nice and if there are presents under the tree for thieves to see it gives them a reason to break in. Either keep your tree away from prying eyes or wait until Christmas Eve to put your presents out.

7. Do your packing out of sight

Load up the vehicle in the garage or out of sight if possible or when there is a lot going on so thieves have a harder time tracking what and how much you are loading.

8. Be smart about boxes

After opening all of your gifts don't leave the empty boxes on the curb for everyone to see. Break them down , turn them inside out, and put them in your container on trash day or take them to a recycling center. The same goes all year long because you don't just want to leave a box out for a 62" flat screen TV, mail with important info, medication bottles or any other items that will give thieves a reason to strike.

9. Make a record of gifts

Got some expensive items coming this year? It's a good idea to take a picture and write down the serial number of anything pricey. Should the worst happen, you will have a record of what was taken and who should get a thank-you note.

10. Don't publicize your vacation plans

It's hard to fight the urge to post on Facebook and Instagram about all your plans. But it's probably not the best idea to share those plans with your 500 closest friends online. Your Facebook profile might not be as private as you think it is so it's better not to take the risk.

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