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8 Photos You Should Take At Every Open House

8 Photos You Should Take At Every Open House

Look at what you love (or don't particularly like) about the houses you view.

The home-buying process can be stressful and after awhile, all the properties start to look the same. You try to remember what features you liked, didn't, & what was in which home. That's where taking pictures can be very beneficial. If the home is still occupied by the seller, be polite and ask the agent on duty whether it's OK for you to take some photos. If it is, here's a list of ideal areas to take photos that will come in handy, and help you decide to make an offer or not.

1. Heavy-use areas

Some areas of a house get more wear and tear and need more attention than others. For instance, in the front entrance as you walk in, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the backyard, And other areas you may need to photograph. You will want to know how much work needs to be done and if you are able and wanting to do the work. This is something that can affect your decision on making an offer or not. Taking photos of areas that need fixing is "a great way to avoid inspection problems later on in the buying process," It might also help if you get an inspection first to get a ballpark figure of how much the repairs might cost.

2. Specific rooms

If you're bringing furniture when you move, it helps to take photos of the layout of the rooms to see if you furniture will fit in the space.

3. Your "must-haves"

Certain home features are probably important to you, like walk-in closets, space in the kitchen, laundry room, etc. . Definitely take photos of the must-have areas so you'll remember which houses have them. If you are looking for a move-in-ready home that needs certain features make sure you take pictures of those same rooms in each home so you can compare them later on.

4. Problem areas

This category is generally overlooked when looking at homes, but you should take a picture under the sinks, the electrical panel, stains on the walls and ceilings if any, the roof from different angles, & the foundation of the home.

5. Appliance tags

Not every home includes appliances, if there are appliances take a photo of the make and model numbers of the ones that come as part of the deal. That way, You can estimate their value and life span later on.

6. Street views

You can't guarantee the listing photos will include the neighborhood, take a few shots facing away from the house and down each direction of the street, This will remind you of what you'll see every time you go outside.

7. The extra touches

Sometimes you fall in love with the little extras of a home so you Definitely want to snap some pics of those details. That way, when you're going through everything, the photos will remind you of your favorite features.

8. The address

No matter how great your photos are if you don't remember the address of the home you took them in they won't do you much good if you can't put them in order. So remember to take a photo of the address after each round of photos so you know what features go to what home.

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