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Elizabethtown or "E-Town"

Just below Baldy Mountain sits the remains of a once bustling boom camp called Elizabethtown,that once housed over 7,000 residents. its located just north of Angel Fire N.M

It all began in 1866, when a Ute Indian arrived at Fort Carson where Captain William H. Moore was. the captain. He had helped the Indian with his injuries and in return, he gave the captain a special rock he found atop a mountain. The captain realized it was rich in copper. The Indian agreed to take him to the place where he found it. Which jut happened to be the edge of the Maxwell Land Grant atop of Mt. Baldy.

When they reached the spot the captain realized this was an area with a great deal of copper. They decided to stake the first of many claims, with not just copper, but gold as well found along the banks of Willow Creek.

The find was too big too keep secret. Word got around very quickly, even to the sole owner of the Maxwell Land Grant, Mr. Lucien B. Maxwell, who owned the Moreno Valley as well as Baldy Peak. By July 1867, 17 companies and 400 claims in an 8 mile radius of Baldy were set up. This is how Elizabethtown got started, named after the captain's daughter Elizabeth Catherine Moore.

By the end of July 1868 around 400 people occupied Elizabethtown and like most old west towns Saloons, drinking, dining, red-lighting, and gambling were in full swing. In 1869 the town had 100 buildings, and with the families of the miners moving there they built a school as well as a church. The first newspaper came out in 1869 called the Elizabethtown Lantern.

During the harsh winter months as they often are in the valley, the population diminished until the dawn of spring brought everyone back. The "Big Ditch" was built to divert water from the Red River to try and gain more water for gold panning but was not very successful. In 1900 a lawsuit banned the diversion of water.

Tragedy struck E-Town in Sept. 1901, when a fire broke out in one of the establishments. Within an hour and fifteen minutes most of the buildings were reduced to ashes. The only store that still stands is that of Herman Froelick. By 1917 most everyone was gone and E-Town became a ghost town.

This is just part of the rich history of our area. To learn more stay tuned or better yet, come for a visit and allow us to show you around this historic region... you may want to stay forever!!

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So come enjoy the peace and wonder of the Moreno Valley, it's a great place to have fun with for the entire family.



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