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Why should you seek an experienced Realtor?

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the near future? If so, this is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. Whether you are a first time home buyer, considering purchasing an investment property or second home, it is crucial to find an expert real estate broker to guide you through the process.

As soon as you decide it's time to buy or sell, begin seeking a knowledgeable and trusted Realtor. Gather referrals from friends and neighbors, social media reviews and community groups. Identify your real estate needs, and see which agents have specializations in areas of interest to you. Location-specific experts with the inside track on homes that are about to hit the market are going to have a wealth of information to suit your needs.

Once you have chosen a few candidates, meet with them in person or over the phone to ensure the right fit for your top priorities. Be sure and cover basic information such as how long have they been a Realtor, how they typically communicate with clients, recent sales, average time frame for sales from start to finish and their areas of strength.

To ensure understanding of the legal agreement, it is important to discuss the contract details with your chosen broker such as the length of the commitment, commission rates and specific conditions or clauses that a broker might have. Most contracts are standard, but you will want to confirm details of your relationship with your broker ahead of time so that there are no surprises.

Are you looking for a broker to help you buy or sell a home, land or business in Angel Fire or Taos? We have trusted and knowledgeable brokers who can guide you through every detail from first time home buyer, to a seasoned buyer looking to add to your profile.

In Taos, call 575-758-5852 to see Taos land for sale, condos near the Taos Plaza or the Taos Ski Valley or perhaps a Pueblo-style Taos home may be what you are looking for. Whatever your taste or budget, we can find the right Taos property for you. If you prefer the beautiful Alpine setting of Angel Fire, let us help you find a fully furnished Angel Fire home ready to move in, land near Angel Fire to build the home of your dreams or an Angel Fire condo for those fun family getaways. In Angel Fire, call 575-377-2626 or stop by our log cabin office on Highway 64 and 464 at the blinking light with the tipi out front! We look forward to serving you and giving you the quality experience you deserve.

Foreclosures: Opportunity or Risk?

Everyone loves a bargain, and in the real estate world there are deals which can be great investments... if you understand the risk involved. It is important to do your homework when considering the purchase of a foreclosure. Understanding how the process works and knowing that the homeowner/ borrower has defaulted on their loan payments for 3-6 months which begins the pre-foreclosure process is the first step.

There are several ways a foreclosure can play out: -The borrower can pay off the default in the pre-foreclosure stage and no foreclosure takes place -The borrower can sell property to a third party and negotiate terms which prevent the borrower from having a foreclosure on their credit history -A public auction or short sale is held and the property is sold at the end of pre-foreclosure -The lender can buy back the property from the borrower either at auction or through an agreement during pre-foreclosure and try to resell it

If you choose to buy during pre-foreclosure, approaching the borrower and offering to buy the property outright will yield the largest profits and ability to negotiate a favorable outcome for all. Make sure you navigate through this process by following a few simple, yet crucial steps: -Prepare your resources: loan pre-qualifications, enlisting the help of an agent if needed -Confirm property status: Call the listed trustee to ensure owners have not paid off amount owed, sold the property, or that is up for public auction -Evaluate bargain/investment potential: Subtract outstanding liens and loans from the estimated market value to determine accurate equity -Contact the owner: unless it is on MLS, contact directly to express interest -Negotiate a purchase agreement and close the deal: ideally during pre-foreclosure (to protect the borrower's credit and something to show for the property equity), you will negotiate a deal before the property is put up for auction

If you buy after pre-foreclosure, there are two options: -Public Auction: Cash pay, with minimal research or knowledge of condition beforehand, but offers the potential of the best bargains -Bank-Owned: Lender will re-sell property to recover the unpaid loan amount and will sell with a clear title. Typically, the bargain potential is less that a pre-foreclosure sale or an auction

The foreclosure process can be a bit daunting.... allow our knowledgeable brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties in Taos and Angel Fire assist you through the foreclosure process should you decide to go that route and the property is listed on the Multiple Listing Service.

If a foreclosure is not for you, we can you find a property that suits your budget, your interests and your life! We can help you explore all the options and find what you are looking for whether it is a condo in Taos, Taos land for sale or a home for sale in Angel Fire, we are here to help. In Taos, call 575-758-5852, or in Angel Fire @ 575-377-2626 – Our Angel Fire office is located in the log cabin conveniently located at the blinking light on Highway 64 and 434 with the big tipi out front. Our Taos office is located at 502 Camino Cortez, just down the street from Walgreens.

Buying A Home In The Fall

1. Old inventory may mean deals: Sellers put their homes on the market during the spring time but tend to list them to high. Which cause them to have fewer chances to attract buyers. Buying a home in the fall gives you more negotiation strength.

2. Fewer buyers are competing: During the school season not many families shop around for homes. So you're likely to have less competition, more buyer's opportunities to make an offer.

3. Sellers want to close by the end of the year: Look for listings that homeowners offer incentives to close before the end of the year.

4. The holidays motivate sellers: Sellers often are eager to sell their homes before the holidays approach.

5. Harsher weather shows more flaws: Fall and winter months reveal flaws, making it a great time to do a property inspection see a home's true colors.

During the fall season see our listings in Taos real estate featuring Taos homes and Taos condos that are for sale. By reaching out to the New Mexico Mountain Properties realtors in Taos, we are here to answer your questions at 575-758-5852. The market slows down in late summer but picking up again in the fall to give you a chance to see the Taos real estate market for that great land you been searching for. Our expert real estate brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties will assist you with questions you may have call us at 575-758-5852.

Wouldn't you like to see spectacular Angel Fire during the....the Aspen glow in the mountains that brings out that autumn color? Angel Fire has experienced real estate brokers to help you find that Angel Fire acreage land for sale. Call us here at New Mexico Mountain Properties at 575-377-2626. Perhaps you would like to see what condos are for sale in Angel Fire? The Angel Fire real estate market has luxury homes on the market as well that might interest you. Our Angel Fire real estate realtors can assist you with any question you have call us at 575-377-2626.

Whether you are looking for Taos real estate or real estate in Angel Fire, we can certainly assist. Call our Taos office at 575-758-5852 or our Angel Fire office at 575-377-2626.

We are here to assist you and welcome you to our community.

Some important Contingencies to keep in mind:

1. Inspection contingency: A home inspection contingency is recommended by real estate agents that you will get a licensed home inspector to check the property within a specified period (typically seven days) after you sign the purchase agreement. This is will give you vital information on any issues that may not be easily seen when you first look at the house. Inspectors will check out the heating, electric, the roof etc. and make suggestions for repairs that are necessary.

2. Financing contingency: is to ensure that if you can't obtain a loan, you'll be able to get your earnest money deposit back if for any reason you are unable to obtain financing. The clause specifies that you have a certain number of days within which to get your mortgage approved by your lender.

3. House-sale contingency: prior-sale contingency in the contract for your new home provides an opportunity to withdraw your offer if the offer on your existing home does not sell by a certain date. It depends upon how the offer is written whether your earnest money deposit will be refunded.

4. The appraisal contingency: the appraisal should come in within 5% of the sale price. If the appraisal comes in much lower than the agreed upon price, you have the right to renegotiate with the seller.

Come to the Land of Enchantment and we at New Mexico Mountain Properties will assist you to find that perfect piece of Taos real estate. Whether you are looking for Taos homes or condos for sale in Taos, our New Mountain Properties real estate brokers can help you find the right Taos property for you. Or....allow us to find you a Taos lot for sale or even larger Taos acreage to build your dream home. Our real estate brokers are experts on finding the perfect Taos land for sale for you. You can contact us at our Taos real estate office 575-758-5852 or check out our website

Angel Fire is known for its great weekend getaways or vacation trips with a variety of activities to do year round. While enjoying the beautiful outdoors why not look for your next Angel Fire land to build a home. We have everything from small lots within the Angel Fire Resort to 10-20 acres in our spectacular communities of Taos Pines Ranch and Hidden Lake. New Mexico Mountain Properties real estate brokers are here to assist you so give us a call at our office in Angel Fire at 575-377-2626. We are committed to helping you find an Angel Fire condo or an Angel Fire home for sale that will suit your needs. Call us at our Angel Fire office at 575-377-2626.

New Mexico Mountain Properties has a new APP that you can download for FREE which will give you access to all real estate listings in Taos, Angel Fire, Red River and beyond!

The Plane…The Plane!!

Coming soon... Flights from Austin and Dallas directly to Taos! Starting just in time for the holidays and great skiing, flights will start on December 20th. Taos Ski Valley purchased a 30-seat passenger jet which will offer the fastest, closest route to the Rockies from Texas.

According to Mayor Daniel Barrone" "With the new runway in place, we are committed to positioning the Taos Regional Airport as an economic driver for Taos County and Northern New Mexico. To that end, we are working with the state and our regional partners to develop and fund year-round, long-term air service."

Flight will continue from December through March 2019. Leaving Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday Mondays. Tickets can be purchased at

The Taos Ski Valley will be offering complimentary ground shuttle rides to/from Blake Hotel for all those who use Taos Air.

While you are enjoying our world-class skiing, you may want to stay and make Taos your home. Take a look at our Taos real estate market for homes for sale or perhaps a Taos condo for those ski getaways may be more to your liking. Our New Mountain Properties real estate brokers are experts that can help you find the right Taos property for you. Check out our beautiful land for sale in Taos. We are here to serve all your Taos real estate needs. Call our brokers at our Taos real estate office at 575-758-5852.

We also have an office in Angel Fire in case Angel Fire real estate is what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for an Angel Fire home for sale, an Angel Fire condo, or some of our fabulous Angel Fire land for sale... at New Mexico Mountain Properties, our Angel Fire real estate brokers are here to assist you with questions. Give us a call at our office in Angel Fire at 575-377-2626.

Ski today...Stay forever!

Don’t be a newbie: Avoid these common mistakes when buying your first home.

1.Getting too emotionally attached:

• Try finding "several homes you love so that you're not too emotionally invested in one."

2.Finding the home yourself:

• Just don't only rely on your brilliant research skills or the many real estate sites.

• Contact an experienced Realtor and allow he/she to vet homes for you.

3.Assuming you have no rules to follow as a homeowner:

• Some homes have restrictions that come with conditions.

• Restrictions vary, depending on where you're buying your home.

• Make sure you are aware of all covenants and restrictions that may apply to each listing.

4.Not saving enough money:

• Saved up enough money for a down payment. That's a huge accomplishment.

• It has been suggested that buyers have two to three months' worth of mortgage payments in reserve.

5.Pre-approved for a loan:

• Get proof of income and assets in the form of a pre-approval letter from a lender.

• This process simply means that the lender has looked through your financial situation and is comfortable with lending you a certain amount of money.

6.Paying private mortgage insurance (PMI):

• If you don't put down at least 20%, you may have to pay PMI.

• If you do, be sure to let your lender know what you have paid down. So that you only owe 80% of the homes' value.

• Your lender will cancel your PMI so that you don't have to pay a month more of PMI than necessary!

7.Not checking the price of homeowner's insurance:

• Homeowner's insurance pays to repair or completely rebuild your house if necessary.

• Policies and premiums vary so shop around for several insurers to find the best deal for you.

8.Not checking your credit score:

• Check your credit score at least three months prior to searching for a new house.

9.Not getting a home inspection:

• Homebuyers may want to skip this step, but all homes need inspections, even brand-new ones. There could be hidden issues with the home that only a licensed inspector will uncover.

• Don't be afraid to speak up and get issues fixed before you sign those settlement papers.

Most people are drawn to Taos for its history and culture. While enjoying a day in the Land Of Enchantment, why not see what land is for sale in Taos for you to build your Taos dream home. Our New Mexico Mountain Properties real estate broker's level of knowledge and professionalism of the Taos real estate market can help you choose a Taos home or Taos condo of your choice. Call us at our Taos office at 575-758-5852. Our Taos real estate brokers are here to assist you.

The Angel Fire area may also offer that perfect opportunity for you to own a home in Angel Fire or perhaps an Angel Fire condo may just be what you are looking for. Give us a call here at our Angel Fire office at 575-377-2626. There is also a great selection of Angel Fire land for sale. Our Angel Fire real estate brokers here at New Mexico Properties can assist you with any questions you may have. Give us a call at 575-377-2626.

Can You Buy A House With No Money Down?

It's easy to get tripped up by the first hurdle when you're thinking of buying a home. For your new home search a zero-down mortgage can free your funds. What is a zero-down mortgage you ask? It's a loan that covers the entire purchase price of the home.

There are two options for zero-down mortgages. VA Home loan don't require private mortgage insurance, and having low closing cost. VA loans the main requirement for the property is that selling price isn't higher than the appraisal. However the interest rate maybe higher than a conventional loan. USDA loans offer low interest rates for low to moderate income potential home-buyers. USDA loans have to be used on homes that are eligible in rural areas. USDA loans require a monthly payment that is between 0.5- 1 percent of that loan.

If you are interested in looking to buy a home in Angel Fire or maybe an Angel Fire condo for sale, just give us a call here at New Mexico Mountain Properties at 575-377-2626. Our experienced Angel Fire Realtors are here to assist you. We also have great Angel Fire land for sale, from small lots within Angel Fire Resort to larger acreage from 10-20 acre parcels to large ranches for sale near Angel Fire.

If you are looking to buy a Taos home or condo for sale in Taos we also have an office in Taos to serve your Taos Real Estate needs. Land for sale is also an excellent option for you to build the Taos home of your dreams. Call our Taos Real Estate Brokers at 575-758-5852 and we will be happy to assist you to find that perfect Taos property.

How to price your home to get the Highest Offer

First of all, you must be competitive to the market. Check out the other homes in your area that are similar . Be honest with yourself in determining what price would give buyers the best value.

Of course, the easiest way to determine a price is to consult an experienced real estate broker. Our experienced brokers at New Mexico Mountain Properties can do a comparative market analysis for you and would be happy to list you home for sale in Taos or your Angel Fire home.

Whether you are planning to sell a Taos condo or a condo in Angel Fire, we can advise you every step of the way.

We also specialize in land and ranches in the Taos and Angel Fire areas, so if you have land in Taos that you want to sell or Angel Fire acreage for sale, we are here to assist you as well.

Fall is the best time to sell your Taos or Angel Fire property. With offices in Taos and in Angel Fire, we are here to give you the best service and bring you a buyer for your Taos or Angel Fire property.

So You Wish to become a BRAND New 1st time Home owner!!

Well you are not alone! And it is an exciting time! But it is a process you will have to go through. First you have to find and trust an experienced Real Estate Broker. Our dedicated Taos real estate brokers and our Angel Fire real estate brokers can then help you to start the process will need to think about your wants and many bedrooms, bathrooms. square footage, amount of acreage. What area do you prefer to live in? Do you prefer a 1 or 2 story home? And much more so that you end up with the home of your dreams. That same Broker will list for you what documents will be needed from you for you to start the mortgage process. It is a fun time, but you will need to consider many things at the same time. That is why notes written down regarding each home you visit become so helpful to work from ,whether we are talking about an Angel Fire Condo , or a Taos condo for sale, a home in Taos or an Angel Fire mountain home for sale. Our knowledgeable Taos and Angel Fire Realtors are here to assist you.

We have an office in Taos at 502 Camino Cortez , 575 758-5852 as well as our Angel Fire office located at the junction of Highway 64 and 434 at the blinking light , 575 377-2626 We are just a phone call away from offering you the help you require. They know the Taos real estate market as well as the real estate market in Angel Fire and are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the process. Angel Fire homes and Taos homes for Sale are experiencing a wonderful selling and buying season... Fall is soon upon us...a wonderful time to visit the Enchanted Circle and find you perfect property!!


35 years of wonderful classical music is once again upon us here in Taos and Angel Fire. The sounds of Violins, Violas, Bassoons, Cello's and Piano can be heard throughout the Moreno Valley. Come partake the Magic of Mozart! Opening night in both Taos and Angel Fire (8-16, 8-17th) also includes Native American Flutist Robert Mirabal. A joy to behold in-store for us music lovers! The Concerts continue through September 1st at which time our musicians then head back to their homes on the east coast of America. Here is its' schedule for your perusal and convenience: August 16th Curtis Virtuosi – Rising Stars of Curtis - 4pm, Angel Fire RV park - Free 17th Mozart Two by Two & the Marvelous Mirabal – 7pm, Taos Center for the Arts 18th The Miracle of Mirabal – 7pm, Angel Fire Community Center 19th Fanfares & Viola Quintets of Mozart, Part 1 – 2pm, AF Baptist Church 20th Chamber Music 101- 1:30pm, United Church of Angel Fire – Free 22nd First Hearing: Andrea Clearfield – World Premiere -7pm, Angel Fire Community Center 23rd The Stars of Tomorrow – 7pm Taos Center for the Arts 24th Fanfares & Viola Quintets of Mozart, Part 2 – 7pm, United Church of Angel Fire 25th Happy 100, Leonard Bernstein – 3pm, Taos Center for the Arts 29th Youth and Family Concert – 10am, Taos Center for the Arts – Free Chamber Music 101 – 1pm, United Church of Angel Fire – Free 30th Youth & Family Concert – 10am, Eagle Nest Elementary School, Eagle Nest – Free " " " - 1pm, Moreno Valley High School, Angel Fire – Free September 1st Annual Salon Concert – 2pm, Angel Fire Community Center

During the morning and afternoons before and even in-between concerts, our experienced Taos Brokers or our brokers in Angel Fire will be happy to show you either Taos Real Estate for sale or real estate in Angel Fire. Give us a call at our Taos real estate office 575 758-5852 or our real estate office in Angel Fire at 575 377-2626. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, a condo in Taos may be for you or an Angel Fire condo for those ski weekends with friends , we can assist you. We can also show you lovely Taos homes for sale as well as homes for sale in Angel Fire. If land to build your dream home is what you are looking for, we have everything from small Angel Fire lots for sale as well as larger acreage in Taos and in the Angel Fire area. Our Taos and Angel Fire Realtors will walk you through the process of buying, or building as they are well versed in both. Enjoy the concerts and don't forget to give us a call for the Best in Taos and Angel Fire Real Estate.

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