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Real Estate Market Changes For Fall

1. Fall real estate can be more of a buyer's market A buyer's market means you, as a buyer, are in the driver's seat. You might find that competition is down for homes after Labor Day, meaning you're probably in a buyer's market. And this is significant. "I find that I am able to negotiate better prices for buyers [during September and October] because we have less competition and the market is slower."

2. Vacation-home sellers see action

"If you start looking for a vacation home in the fall, you can have it purchased and furnished by spring." Winter is also a popular vacation time, particularly for skiers and people who love ice-skating and snow tubing. If you buy at a ski resort in the fall, you can enjoy the resort yourself or earn some serious dollars renting the place to winter-wonderland enthusiasts. "Resort communities, like in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, offer robust winter rentals," "Purchasing in the fall allows a buyer to see immediate rental income from their property during peak holiday times."

3. Home prices, like leaves, fall

Many people list their home for sale during what they think will be the best time to sell: summer. And it often is. "Summer is peak selling season." But not everyone is successful. "When a property hasn't sold by Labor Day, sellers will reevaluate asking prices, creating greater room for negotiation."

4. There's no deadline for most fall home buyers

"Plenty of buyers have aspirations of moving in by certain holidays. But that can always be adjusted depending on the financial implications." Let's say you prefer to be in your new home by Thanksgiving, but you can get a better deal if you wait. You'll probably adjust accordingly.

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5 Things You Need To Know NOW About Interest Rates

To understand how interest rates will change in the future, let's look at the trends we've seen since 2010: Interest rates fell to historic lows, and buyers enjoyed those low rates on new mortgages. Rates bottomed out at an average of 3.66% in 2012, then rose only slightly in the years since. In 2015, the annual average rates rested at 3.85%. What's next? Interest rate predictions for 2016 initially said we'd finally see them start rising again. But several events have changed that outlook. Between the surprising Brexit vote and the tumultuous presidential election cycle, homebuyers need to look at re-evaluated interest rate predictions before locking in a mortgage. If you're looking to buy a home soon, check out what interest rates could look like on your mortgage.

1.Predicting interest rates can help strengthen your strategy

Predictions are just educated guesses, and relying on a guess isn't wise. But there's still a lot of value in making these predictions. "This makes our plan stronger and more resilient."Good financial planning encourages us to take action on the things we can control and to make sure our plan can survive whatever happens that we cannot control," Bartelt says. "In this case, it's interest rates and the reaction of the market."

2. Interest rates seem unlikely to rise anytime soon "Interest rates will stay lower longer than most people would imagine," says Kirk Chisholm, principal of Innovative Advisory Group. "There is disinflation and deflation in many parts of the world, many developed countries have negative interest rates, and the U.S., being the world's reserve currency, is in no position to raise rates dramatically. It is highly improbable that 10-year Treasury interest rates will rise above 3% in the near future

3. Prepare for when interest rates do rise

"Commentators have been saying that interest rates will rise for the last six or seven years, and it hasn't happened yet!" says Daniel Frankel, CFP and founding principal of Wealth Collab. He notes that it's easy to say interest rates will rise. But determining exactly when is the tricky part. "When interest rates do rise, they could do so very quickly," he explains. "The markets are economic prediction engines. If expectations change, the market will react before you have time to adjust course."Frankel says. "Don't assume you have time to wait. Don't try to wait for mortgage rates to drop another 0.25%," he advises. And most importantly? "Don't get an adjustable-rate mortgage thinking that you can refinance into a fixed rate later." Eric Lai, a financial planner with Archvest Wealth Advisors, says it's important to remember that when the Fed raises the rate, it affects only the rates today. "Longer-term rates such as the 10-year Treasury are determined by the marketplace, or the supply and demand for Treasuries," Lai says. Mortgage rates, he notes, are most highly correlated with the 10-year rate.

4. Interest rates shouldn't drive your purchase

"It's entirely possible that the Federal Reserve will begin raising interest rates in December if they decide against raising them during their September meeting," says Erik Klumpp, CFP and founder of Chessie Advisors. But as other experts have hinted at, that doesn't mean you need to take drastic action if you want to buy a home."Interest rates shouldn't be the main factor for anyone looking to purchase a home," Klumpp says. "Even if rates were to increase 0.25% or 0.50%, we're still at or near historically low mortgage rates. For someone looking to purchase a home

5. Consider other factors before you buy

Instead of just going by interest rates to make a buying decision, Klumpp suggests, look at other factors. He advises having money saved for a down payment, making sure your budget can handle a monthly mortgage payment, and deciding if you want to stay in the same location for a minimum of five years. Erik Kroll, a CFP who founded the financial planning firm Hilltop Advisors, agrees: "Even if you think that rates will go up, you shouldn't feel it's now or never, or that you will save money in the long term by buying before rates rise." "Rates may not go up, meaning you still could have gotten a relatively good deal if you waited.". Evaluate the entire picture to determine whether now is the right time for you to buy.

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8 Sneaky Ways To Take Your New Place For A Test-Drive

From testing the shower to scoping out how a home's storage measures up, here's how to sleuth out some really important features that you can't judge from a listing.

1. Play the private-eye Before you step foot in a potential new place, play the role of private investigator and do a few drive-bys. What's the foot traffic like in the neighborhood? Do the strolling neighbors look more like young professionals or marrieds with children? How much noise do the neighbors make? (Sneak in a Saturday night visit to get the full taste.) If you drive to work, test your morning and evening commutes and time how long it takes you.

2. Head out on a walking tour Once you've stalked the place by vehicle, it's time to repeat on foot. See how long it takes you to get to the nearest coffee shop or restaurant, and make sure you love the local cuisine or cup of joe.

3. Test-drive the plumbing Don't get seduced by the stand-up shower with the exposed copper pipes and wraparound glass doors -- try it out yourself. (Really, it's not that weird.) How hard is the pressure? How quickly does the water heat up? Test the bathroom and kitchen sinks while you're at it. Water pressure shouldn't be a deal breaker, but low pressure could indicate a damaging leak and more water problems (and expenses) down the road.

4. Test the windows Even if it's chilly, open a few windows, especially in the room that may be your future master bedroom. Can you hear a lot of traffic or neighborly noise? Do your windows seem to bring in a lot of cross breezes, or do neighboring buildings block the airflow? When the windows are closed, can you feel drafts around the edge of the frames? Windows are crucial for the look and feel of your home.

5. Go into the light If the open house happens on a cloudy day, schedule a follow-up visit when the sun is out. See how the natural light flows through each room, especially high-traffic areas. If a room seems especially dark, consider whether the paint color is causing the problem. On the same note, you'll want to see how dark the bedrooms can get. Close all the shades in all the bedrooms and see if the light still filters through; you might want to throw room-darkening shades onto your shopping list.

6. Listen up This is a biggie -- condo sounds in particular can drive homeowners insane. Make multiple visits to a unit to catch surrounding neighbors when they're home and making noise. If there are multiple condos for sale in the building, bring a friend and have her walk around upstairs or in the adjacent unit to see how noise travels. And be sure to ask if children live in the building; the pitter-patter of little feet is far less charming to those who live below them. Once you've assessed noise levels, you should determine how sound travels within the home. Turn on the dryer to hear how loud it is. March around in the guest bedroom to determine how thick the walls are. If you'll need to invest in sound insulation and throw rugs, it's better to know now.

7. Scope out storage Some sellers clear their homes of all clutter, but many don't. Rather than turn up your nose at an overstuffed bedroom closet, take out the tape measure and record some dimensions. The space may be larger than it seems; you can also take those measurements home and plan out a closet scheme online to see how much stuff it can really handle.

8. Don't forget your marbles Are those newly stained hardwood floors level? Bring a marble to find out. Discreetly place the marble on the hardwood floors: Does it stay put or start rolling? If the slope is especially steep, there might be a structural problem at play, but even a slightly uneven floor can become a bargaining chip.

When buying a new home let us assist you in finding that perfect home, with two convenient locations, in both Taos and Angel Fire, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Our stunning Taos homes for sale might spark your interest, or the lovely Moreno Valley homes for sale in Angel Fire might be just right for you. We also have amazing mountain land for sale in Taos and Angel Fire.... or get in touch with nature in our Earthship homes for sale in Taos. Looking for a condo for sale in Angel Fire or Taos Ski Valley? Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find it. Our dedicated agents go that extra mile to find exactly what you require. So give us a call at 575-377-2626 in Angel Fire, 575-758-5852 in Taos, or speak directly to an agent at 575-770-3306. We are here to serve and welcome you to our glorious area. Information obtained from Trulia.

5 Design Trends That Turn Off Buyers

If your walls could talk, they might say, "Don't paint me lime green." According to Trulia's Brie Dyas Our homes may be a reflection of ourselves, but this philosophy can backfire when you're putting a property up for sale. If you're about to enter the market and are in doubt about how your home's style will appeal to buyers, here are five home-decorating trends that real estate experts have identified as potential buyer turnoffs.

1. Bold colors

Bad paint colors instantly turn off buyers -- but it's one of the cheapest things to fix. Most important? Keep the paint color consistent throughout the home

2. Shiny hardware and accessories

"One of the major trends now is all about chrome, metallic, and shiny finishes," says Veronique Perrin. Although you'll see kitchens with plenty of brass, copper, and polished nickel on Pinterest, it's worth it to go with the classics -- like brushed nickel -- and use them sparingly. "There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and subtle and understated always stands the test of time," Perrin says. –

3. Open bathrooms

It turns out that you can take the idea of an open floor plan too far. "The trend of an open master tub in the master bedroom should never have been started," says F. Ron Smith. "No one really wants to shower or bathe in the middle of a bedroom.

4. Converted rooms

It might have made sense to turn the spare bedroom into a space dedicated to your favorite hobby. The problem? A buyer sees this as an in-home yoga studio instead of a third bedroom. In the luxury market, such conversions are especially common in smaller spaces. "Dedicated gyms that are the size of a maid's room are underwhelming," Smith says. "Don't put a treadmill and yoga mat in to call it a gym. Proportion is everything."

5. Wall-to-wall carpeting

Some would argue that carpets never fully went out of style. While lush carpeting can feel like a dream underfoot and can be easier to maintain than other flooring options, many buyers see it as a downside (even if it's high-quality carpet). Everyone wants to see hardwood floors. They're always in style, and work with any decor scheme.

So if you are buying a home, in Taos or Angel Fire or selling your Angel Fire or Taos home, these steps may help. When purchasing a condo in the Taos area or over the mountain to Angel Fire again remember these tips. While searching for the perfect home in the Angel Fire / Taos area we have two locations to help you with all your Real Estate needs. If looking for Taos Real Estate call us at (575)758-5852. If your search is geared to condos or homes in the Angel Fire area contact our office (575)377-2626.

5 Stops on Your Home-Buying Journey

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According to Zillow, article written by Brendon Desimone, 5 Stops on Your Home-Buying Journey

1.Explore, discover and dream

Viewing photos and reading listing descriptions online gives you a chance to dream, and imagine all of the things you would want in a house

2.Check things out in person

Soon your research will lead you to an excellent house, a great deal, or both

3.Hook up with a good local agent

Having a good local agent on your side makes all the difference for such an expensive and infrequent transaction. Be sure to ask plenty of questions as you're getting to know a prospective agent.

4.Trust your gut Be open to letting your feelings and emotions spill out. You might feel remorse later if you don't listen to your instincts. Case in point: First-time buyers in Bedford, NY fell in love with a home with an incredible kitchen and views as far as the eye can see. The data online told them they should pay no more than 96 percent of the asking price, and they stuck to their guns. The home sold at the asking price, and they kicked themselves months later when they were still looking for a home. In this case, the home was worth every last penny, and they missed out.

5.Dig in

Before long, you'll find yourself looking at listings online every day, and on the open house circuit every week. At this stage, work closely with your agent to monitor new listings, and see as many homes as you can.

The more you see, the more you'll learn the market. Eventually, your search will become laser-focused on one or two areas. When the right home comes along, you'll know it. But it takes some time digging in and learning the market to build up the confidence to get to this place. The time and effort will all be worth it, however, when you walk through the door of your new home for the first time.

Home Inspections Pave the Way to Easier Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want to do is hold up a sale because of a simple problem that could have been identified by investing in a home inspection. While it may not be the No. 1 item on your to-do list as you prepare to list your home, a home inspection is an integral piece of the puzzle. Bringing to light any problems or issues that need to be addressed, a home inspection can save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

Here are some of the most common problems a home inspector can unearth.

Bedroom Windows.

All rooms listed as bedrooms must have an operating window with 5 square feet of clearance for fire escape. Bedrooms must also have heat. If a home is listed with three bedrooms, and one does not meet both these requirements, it cannot legally be called a bedroom.

Furnaces and Compressors.

Rust in the heat exchange is a common problem that shows up during home inspections. Another common problem involves missing insulation where required by code at the time the house was built, or an improvement or replacement was installed. Electrical Issues.

Common electrical code violations include electrical junctions not enclosed in a junction box, a lack of GFCI outlets in bathrooms and kitchens, or reverse-polarity on outlets. These are inexpensive things to repair, but by not doing so, it can hold up a sale.

Lifesaving Equipment.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are required by law in most states, and not having them will be considered a code violation.


A number of plumbing issues are very common, with violations ranging from dripping faucets to loose toilets and improper drainage.

Structural Problems.

While these can be more expensive to fix, if they aren't taken care of properly, they can prolong a sale. Violations in this area include rotten wood trim around windows and doors, rotten or decontaminating siding and missing flashing on roofs or above windows and doors.

Extra Rooms.

If you had your basement fixed up at some point while living in the home, or even added a sun room, be sure you have the proper permits in place. This will need to be taken care of before any sale can go through.

Don't put your home sale in jeopardy because of code violations that can be easily fixed. Hire an inspector, make the necessary changes and enjoy the comfort it brings when the closing comes to fruition.

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Final Walk Through Checklist When your Home is Ready to Move In

After the negotiations, home inspection, and repairs, saying that you're excited to sign on the dotted line and close on your new house is an understatement. You're ready. However, it's standard for you to take one more walk through of the home before closing -- and you shouldn't take this task lightly. Even if you've already scoured the place, it's possible you missed something, and you definitely don't want to spend money on a repair after you close and those mortgage payments start. . Pack your bag Before you head out, make sure you carry these items with you:

• Contract. You may need to refer to it and confirm what you see matches the terms.

• Notepad. You'll want to document the date and time of your walk-through at the top of your notepad. Then take detailed notes.

• Camera. Take pictures to supplement your notes about repairs that haven't been completed or areas that are damaged.

• Inspection summary. It's important to double-check that all repairs have been completed as promised.

• Your real estate agent. Don't do your walk-through without your agent. They can answer any questions as well as guide you through the process.

• Cellphone and charger. The charger could come in handy if you need to confirm that the electrical outlets are functional.

2. Verify repairs

Before looking at anything else, double-check that all repairs stated on the inspection summary have been completed, and that the seller has left behind warranties and receipts for the work. If something breaks, you'll want to be able to follow up with the person or company that made the repairs.

3. Check general sale items

This is where your sales agreement comes into play. It's just as important to ensure that all the items that convey with the sale are accounted for as it is to ensure that all unwanted items have been removed. You'll want to schedule your final walk-through in advance of your closing day, just in case it appears that the sellers won't be able to clear out their belongings before you move in. Additionally, you'll want to check that all garbage and construction debris from repairs have been removed, and the property has been left clean and damage-free from the movers.

4. Open windows and doors

The last thing you want after move-in is to realize your belongings aren't secure because of a broken window latch or lock. It may sound like a lot of work, but team up and check all window latches and door locks. You'll also need to note if any window screens are missing, or if any of the windows are broken or stick when opening (which is more than an inconvenience; it could also be a fire hazard).

When buying a new home let New Mexico Mountain Properties assist you in finding that perfect home, With two convenient locations in both Taos and Angel Fire you are sure to find what you are looking for. Our stunning Taos homes for sale might spark your interest ,or the lovely Moreno Valley homes for sale in Angel Fire might be just right for you. We also have amazing mountain land for sale in Taos and Angel Fire.... or get in touch with nature in our Earthship homes for sale in Taos. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find it. Our dedicated agents go that extra mile to find exactly what you require. So give us a call at 575-377-2626 in Angel Fire, 575-758-5852 in Taos, or speak directly to an agent at 575-770-3306. We are here to serve and welcome you to our glorious area.

How to Prepare your home for an Appraisel

Getting your home appraised can often be a nerve-wracking experience. Your home and your handy work will be on display to be judged and valued so that you can move forward with selling your home.

But it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. With the right tools, tricks and savvy, the appraisal process can not only go smoothly, it can also help you make a giant financial leap toward a future in a new home. Do your Research

Just like anything else -- for example, if you're going to select a doctor, dentist, or lawyer -- you do your homework to find out the appraiser's market knowledge of the area, Ideally, your appraiser will be a local who knows the area well and who has been around long enough to see changes in the market. It's also crucial to hire an appraiser who is state certified.

Check your maintenance Whether it's a loose shingle, chipped paint or dirty carpet, be sure to take care of it before the appraiser comes. Anything obvious that needs work could potentially eat away at your home's value.

Also, keep a list of maintenance work that has been done on the home. Have a running list of what you have fixed and upgraded in your home as well as the amount of money you have spent. Know your neighborhood

Before you get your home appraised, be sure you know what comparable nearby homes are going for, because that can be a huge predictor of your home's value.

Also, inform your appraiser of any extraordinary circumstances, like if someone in your neighborhood had to sell their home quickly. Sellers may have to lower the price of their home to get out in a timely fashion in the event of death or job relocation in another state.

It's extremely important that both you and your appraiser are knowledgeable about your neighborhood to get as accurate a value as possible.

Understand that cost does not equal value When you make improvements to your home, you hope that everything you're upgrading will increase your property value -- but this isn't always the case.

If you're not satisfied, reach out

If you're dissatisfied with the appraisal value, contact the appraiser about your concerns. Make sure you have data to back up your claims when you call to voice your opinion.

You can always get a second appraisal, If you really think something was done incorrectly, voice your concern to the appraisal board as a last resort. All appraisers are licensed, and they don't want to jeopardize their license. However, I often recommend going back to the appraiser and showing [him or her] the facts.

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Do I need an Insurance Policy Before Buying a Home

Technically, no.

Most states require drivers to possess auto insurance before taking the car off the dealer's lot. But home insurance is different. You can legally own a home without insurance. However, if you need a loan to buy your home, your lender will likely require you to purchase home insurance as a way to protect its investment.

What coverages are included?

Standard home insurance policies typically include coverage for the structure of your home, its contents, liability, other structures (such as a tool shed), and additional living expenses. Let's break these down.

Structure: If your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril and needs to be repaired or rebuilt, your insurance can help pay for these expenses. Structure coverage is not the same as the amount you paid for your home. You need to set your structure coverage for the amount it would take to rebuild your home from the ground up.

Contents: This coverage can kick in if your belongings are damaged or destroyed. It's typically set between 50 and 70 percent of your home's structural coverage. If you have high-value items, such as an extensive jewelry collection or rare pieces of art, there will likely be a cap on the repair/replacement value (between $1,000 and $2,000). To get more coverage for high-value items, you can add a rider policy to your home insurance.

Liability: If someone is injured on your property, the liability portion of your insurance policy can help pay for medical, rehabilitation, and/or funeral expenses, as well as legal fees in the event that the injured party sues you. Liability is typically set at $100,000 worth of protection. However, it's wise to set your coverage between $300,000 and $500,000 -- especially if your home includes attractive nuisances, such as a pool or trampoline -- as medical and legal costs can add up rapidly.

Other structures: If your home has a detached garage or shed that is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, your insurance can help pay to repair or rebuild it. Additional living expenses: In the event that your home is destroyed and needs to be rebuilt, this coverage can help pay for living expenses, such as hotel and food bills for the duration of time that you're displaced. Check with your insurer to see if this protection only covers you and your family for a specified amount of time.

What are covered perils?

Standard home insurance policies can cover damage caused by fire, windstorms, hail, lightning, theft, vandalism, explosions, and riots. Typically, water damage, such as that from freezing and bursting pipes, is also covered.

However, damage resulting from floods or earthquakes is not covered. Those types of natural disasters require separate policies and should be purchased if you live in a high-risk area, such as near a body of water or in California, where floods and earthquakes, respectively, are common. What defines how much I pay? Insurance policy will cost, providers take into account:

• Your credit score. • Claims history, both your own and the claims history for the area in which you reside. • The location of your home. • The age of your home. • The costs associated with rebuilding your home. • Your proximity to a fire department and hydrant. • Whether you own pets or not. Owning a dog, especially certain breeds, means you'll need more liability coverage. • The coverages you select.

How can I save money on insurance?

There are a few tricks to saving money on your monthly home insurance premiums, but not all are overnight fixes.

• Discounts. Most insurance providers offer discounts for policyholders. Bundling multiple policies, such as home and auto, with the same provider is one of the simplest ways to save on multiple policies. Providers also usually offer discounts for safety features, such as security systems. Equipping your home with these additional features could help you keep more money in your wallet each month.

• Raise your deductible. Raising your deductible (the amount you agree to pay toward a claim before insurance kicks in) will result in lower premiums. However, don't set your deductible so high that it would cause you financial hardship if disaster strikes. For example, if you can't afford to pay $1,000 out of pocket at any given time, set a lower deductible.

• Improve your credit score. Most insurance providers use credit score as an indicator of how likely you are to file a claim. Studies have shown that those with low credit scores were more likely to file claims than those with high credit scores, who could afford to tackle some repairs or replacements on their own. Improving your credit score can ultimately decrease your premium payments, as you'll become less of a risk to insure. How do I select a provider?

Shop around. All insurance carriers are different in terms of coverage and cost. The best way to find the right provider for you is to get quotes from several companies and compare them rather than making a rash decision.

When looking for the best in Real Estate, choose New Mexico Mountain Properties and let us help you find your dream home. With amazing homes for sale in Angel Fire and Taos, you are sure to find that perfect home . Maybe land for sale in Taos and Angel Fire might be what you are looking for to build your dream, or live off the land in our stunning Earthship homes for sale in Taos. How about a fabulous condo for sale in Angel Fire that puts you close to the slopes? Whatever your fancy, we are here to assist. Call us at 575-377-2626 in Angel Fire 575-758-5852 in Taos or speak directly to a broker at 575-770-3306 we are here to serve and welcome you to our growing community.

6 Reasons To Google An Address

1. Shop around, then enlist help

Finding the biggest discount isn't just for cars and airline tickets. In fact, a few phone calls and internet searches can land you some serious deals on homeowners insurance.

2. Find out if the home is a Flip

Unless you're buying a new-construction house, the home you're searching has probably acquired some history. And since the walls won't talk, you'll need to be a bit creative in your investigation to detect just who owned the place last. From searching the address, I have found old photos to get an idea of what the home looked like before.

3. Avoid health concerns

The last thing anyone wants is to find out their dream home is located near a former meth lab or directly under a busy flight path. These aren't just concerns for comfort; in unfortunate (and rare) cases, homes can be health hazards. When house hunting, be sure to search for whether or not the home is in a safe area. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration maintains a database of homes that have been identified as drug labs, and some of these properties require intensive, expensive cleanup before they can be healthfully inhabited. Radon and industrial and airport zones are also pretty easily discoverable with a Google search and, in most states, via disclosures that most sellers will provide. (Some people find living near an airport or other noisy zone impacts their sleep, even if there is no chemical concern.

4. Imagine your life there

One of the deciding factors for saying to a house is if you can imagine yourself living there. Seeing listing photos and stats can let you know whether the house meets your specifications, but sometimes, especially with a long-distance home search it might still be difficult to really imagine yourself there. Googling can help. While walking through some homes recently with a young family moving up to the suburbs from the city, their 7-year-old was asking, Can I play on the trampoline at the next house?

5. Get details on the HOA situation

When you buy a home that is part of a homeowners association (HOA), you should receive the bylaws in advance of your purchase. But if you dig a little deeper by Googling the associations name, you could find out that your new HOA is one of a surprisingly large number of HOAs that have been reviewed online. Grab your popcorn, because you're most likely find a variety of rants (and raves) about the subdivision, complex managers, neighbors, and amenities.

When looking for the best in Real Estate, choose New Mexico Mountain Properties and let us help you find your dream home. With amazing homes for sale in Angel Fire and Taos you are sure to find that perfect home . Maybe land for sale in Taos and Angel Fire might be what you are looking for to build your dream, or live off the land in our stunning Earthship homes for sale in Taos. How about a scenic condo for sale in Angel Fire that puts you close to the slopes? Whatever your fancy, we are here to assist. Call us at 575-377-2626 in Angel Fire 575-758-5852 in Taos or speak directly to an broker at 575-770-3306 we are here to serve and welcome you to our growing community.

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