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Selling Your Home in a Tough Market

Your home has only one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers. In all my years in real estate, the homes that sell the fastest are those that "feel" good.

Know how you walk into a house and you can feel that it's well taken care of? It's lived in, but feels loved and clean. There may be an open newspaper on the kitchen table, but it's placed next to a vase with fresh flowers from the garden outside. There are home-baked cookies cooling on a rack, the bathrooms are clean and sparkly, down to the grout in the shower stall, even though there may be a bathrobe hung on a hook on the back of the door.

The kids' rooms have toys piled up on their shelves and maybe a pair of little shoes just outside the closet door, the scene just says, "happy childhood."

There are lots of pretty pillows piled against the master bedroom headboard and a faint scent of lavender from the sheets, and the sun streams gloriously in through the sparkling clean windows.

When everything about your home says, "This is a happy home. We love it and we take care of it, you can see and feel how much we care about this home, then the prospective buyer feels at ease, "at home."

Maintaining a home that's on the market isn't complicated, but you need a plan. First, de-clutter. You want the home to show, not your stuff. Thoroughly scrub your kitchen and baths, making them sparkle. Get rid of all extra knick-knacks, old newspapers and magazines. If you can, have your windows professionally cleaned, or if you can do it yourself, with no streaks, by all means be our guest.

Not only should your interior spaces be clean and fresh, get your garage clean and organized and make sure the light works.

And finally, let's talk curb appeal. I'm sure you've had at least one experience when you've driven up to a house and thought to yourself, "What are these people thinking?" The trash is piled up in the can at the street, the front porch light is still on from last night, the flowers in the pots needed water last week, and now they're as dead as that chewed up stuffed animal over there in the overgrown bushes.

We know times are tough. None of us ever has enough time to get everything done. But now, we don't have enough time AND money is tight. If you're like a lot of folks, most of your money is tied up in your house, so if you want to sell it to access the cash, to upgrade, or to move away for that new job, remember the competition in the selling market is fierce.

Just remember the best way to sell your house is to clean up your act and start acting like you own the place, because you do . . . And now you want someone else to.

Getting your home ready to list

Now could be the perfect time to make some necessary improvements to you home to get it ready to put on the market. Some simple improvements can go a long way to adding value to your home and getting your home to show in its best light.

Listed below are a few improvements that don't cost a lot and can give you a good return on investment, ROI (these are ONLY estimates).

Landscaping: You know the saying "you never have a second chance to make a good first impression" $320 cost / $1,500 price increase

Cleaning and de-cluttering: $200 cost / $1,600 price increase

Lighting: "Make it bright" $220 cost / $1,275 price increase

Home Staging: Not the same as decorating $315 cost / $1,785 price increase

Repair Plumbing: $375 cost / $1,220 price increase Deck: Midrange wood 82% ROI

Roofing: Midrange 66% ROI

Siding: Midrange vinyl: 81% ROI, Upscale foam-backed vinyl 80% ROI, Upscale fiber cement 87% ROI

Windows: Upscale vinyl 79% ROI, Midrange vinyl 77% ROI, Midrange wood 78% ROI, Upscale wood 77% Kitchen: Midrange minor remodel 80% ROI, Midrange major remodel 76% ROI

Bathroom: Midrange 63% ROI

These are just a few examples. Our professional team at New Mexico Mountain Properties will be happy to assist you by coming to view your home and making any other suggestions that we feel would add value to your Angel Fire or Taos Real Estate.

We have offices in Taos and in Angel Fire so if you have a Taos home or a home in Angel Fire that requires a bit of sprucing up before putting it on the market, just give up a call. We will also be happy to do a free comparative analysis of the present market so that you can get your Taos real estate or real estate in Angel Fire to sell as quickly as possible.

Give us a call today – we are here to serve you. Thank you for visiting my blog

The FHA 203k Loan - adding renovation costs to your home loan

Does the home in Taos you are thinking of buying require renovation?

Perhaps you should consider the FHA 203k loan program to borrow for both a home purchase and renovations costs. The 203k allows a owner-occupant to borrow money for both the purchase and renovation in one loan and put as little as 3.5 percent down!

The program requires the use of credentialed contractors and can include cosmetic improvements as well as major renovations like replacing or updating plumbing and electrical.

However, completing the application process can be daunting – it take a tremendous amount of time and patience. If you can hang in, many homebuyers are finding the 203k worth the hassle.

So if you are considering buying a Taos home or an home in Angel Fire which may require a bit of remodeling, this may be a great opportunity. Many sellers have lowered their prices so now is an excellent time to take advantage of the still low interest rates as well as the low down payment of the 203k loan program. There are some excellent opportunities in Taos real estate, so don't hesitate any longer!

For the best in Taos Real Estate and Real Estate in Angel Fire, give us a call today. With offices in Taos and Angel Fire, we are here to serve you.

Land, Land, Land.....the Lust for Land!

Many may recall Gerald O'Hara's strong advice to his daughter Scarlett in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind" regarding the importance of owning land...

" Do you stand there, Scarlett O'Hara, and tell me that Tara- the land- doesn't mean anything? Land is the only thing in the world that amounts to anything...for 'tis the only thing in this world that lasts, and don't you be forgetting it!"

Are you looking to possess your Tara....a lasting investment ....that perfect piece of New Mexico to secure for your future? Look no further, New Mexico Mountain Properties agents are Angel Fire and Taos land specialists. Whether you are looking for Taos land to build a home, a lot in Angel Fire for investment or spectacular mountain property for your retirement, land ownership represents the fulfillment of the American Dream.

Angel Fire offers lots with awesome natural beauty and spectacular views with all the amenities of resort living. Perhaps a Ski In/Ski Out lot is what you are looking for- we can assist you.

Would a large parcel of land suit you better? Look no further, Taos Pines Ranch offers 10-20 acre parcels of tall pines and aspen with lush green meadows of brilliant wildflowers with Carson National Forest as your back yard. Check out the parcel map and price list on my website – click the menu tap on the left side of the home page for Taos Pines Ranch. Several parcels have been reduced and a few offer owner financing (see my blog posted August 5, 2009 on owner financing). Prices start at $249,900 for 10 acres with breathtaking views.

How about total privacy and seclusion with your own private lake where you can fish for trophy trout and hike along trails left by the abundant wildlife that inhabit the area at Hidden Lake? Many of the sellers at Hidden Lake are also offering owner financing. Check out photos of the various 10-20 acre parcels on my website by clicking the Hidden Lake tab on the left side of the home page menu bar. There are some fabulous deals at Hidden Lake with prices starting at $110,000 for 10 acres.

Whatever your dream, allow our land specialists to assist you in Picking your Piece of Paradise. Call us today for the best deals! The aspens will be changing soon, so why not plan a trip and allow us to show you all that northern New Mexico real estate has to offer. is the only thing in the world that lasts!

First Time Buyer Tax Credit Ending Soon

Pending home sales are up for the fifth consecutive month! This is a great sign that consumer confidence is returning to the real estate market here in Taos and in Angel Fire. Now is the time to BUY! Low mortgage interest rates and lower prices on homes plus a large selection of homes on the market in varied price ranges are encouraging buyers who have been "waiting to see".

However, first time buyers need to act soon. In order to take advantage of the $8000 tax must close by November 30, 2009. Although bills to extend the first time buyers tax credit beyond November 30, 2009 are pending in both the US House and Senate, there is no time like NOW!

So....if you are looking for a home in Taos or a mountain getaway in Angel Fire, allow New Mexico Mountain Properties to assist you in your search.Our knowledgeable and experienced agents have access to the complete Taos Real Estate Multiple Listing Service for Taos, Angel Fire, Red River and surrounding areas of Northern New Mexico.

Realizing the great buyer opportunity, many investors are also recognizing that they can buy and rent their properties. So whether you are a first time buyer or a savvy investor, buying Taos Real Estate and Real Estate in Angel Fire is a great investment.

Give us a call... with offices in Taos and in Angel Fire, we are here to serve you – 888-687-5253


Buying a mountain home in Angel Fire or a Taos vacation property could be a wise hedge against coming inflation.

Perhaps you have considered purchasing your dream mountain home, but economic and market conditions are eroding your confidence. If you have heard speculation that the next few years will bring inflation, you should realize that with rising inflation your dollars will buy less.

You may be waiting for your stock market portfolio to come back before you purchase, but while you are waiting the price of Taos real estate and homes for sale in Angel Fire as well as the interest rates will be rising. Some economists are recommending residential real estate financing as a hedge against inflation.

Take advantage of the slow recovery of homes for sale in Taos and real estate in Angel Fire during the window of opportunity to finance with low interest fixed rate loans.

Higher inflation is a benefit to borrowers because you are paying back the loan with money that is worth less than when you borrowed. A 5% increase in the price of a Taos home for sale coupled with a 1% increase in the interest rate on your home loan could result in you paying over $20,000 more for your home over the next 10 years.

Currently, it is a buyer's market for real estate in Taos and Angel Fire with a large inventory of mountain vacation homes and properties on the market and many motivated sellers. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a Taos or Angel Fire home....don't NOW!

Another consideration is to purchase a ski condo or golf patio home in the Taos Ski Valley, Angel Fire Ski and Golf Resort, or in Red River. Enjoy your mountain vacation home, and take advantage of the tax savings of owning a rental property.

Our Taos property or Angel Fire real estate specialists can assist you in finding your dream mountain log home in Angel FirE, a ski chalet in the Taos Ski Valley or an authentic Taos adobe home.

Come visit us for the Best in Taos Real Estate or Real Estate in Angel Fire. We have offices in both Taos and Angel Fire for your convenience. Allow us to assist you in making your dream of vacation, retirement or investment property come true.

Seller Financing...a creative way to finance real estate

Even though interest rates are relatively low, obtaining financing to buy a home or land can be a daunting process.

These days, lenders have more restrictive guidelines and the process can be quite lengthy. A more creative financing technique in which an owner sells property to a buyer is called "seller financing".

Seller financing can be used as a vehicle to sell a home or land if the potential buyer does not qualify for a loon under the more strict guidelines or when interest rates are too high. This can be extremely beneficial to both parties.

Of course, this is only an option if a seller does not require principal from the sale.

Seller financing is most common in the sale of larger parcels of bare land that conventional lenders have traditionally not financed.

The benefits of seller financing include substantial savings in closing costs for both buyer and seller. The parties can also negotiate the interest rate and the repayment schedule as well as other conditions of the loan.

The seller can benefit by getting a higher yield on his/her investment by receiving their equity with interest. A seller could also negotiate a higher interest rate than could be obtained otherwise as a compensation for assisting the buyer with financing.

Seller financing in New Mexico is accomplished via a Real Estate Contract. The negotiation of the financing is done as part of the purchase agreement. An outside escrow company usually handles the transaction after the sale. In most cases the buyer pays for the set-up fees and the escrow company collects the payment and passes it on to the seller. That way there is a clear record of payments and the seller cannot foreclose on the buyer stating that he has not received a payment. Therefore, using an independent escrow company protects both buyer and seller.

As long as it is good for both parties, seller financing can be a win-win situation.

New Mexico Mountain Properties has several larger parcels of land at both Taos Pines Ranch and Hidden Lake, two 10-20 acre communities in the Angel Fire area, where sellers are willing to entertain seller financing. If land in Taos is what you are looking for, we also have a fabulous 6 acre parcel which borders Carson National Forest which is available for seller financing.

If you think seller fining could work for you, just give us a call and let us know... whether you are looking for a home in Taos, an Angel Fire vacation home, an investment condo in Taos Ski Valley or the Angel Fire Resort, or land to build your dream home, seller fining could work for you. We will gladly assist you in the process. For the best in Real Estate in Taos or Angel Fire Real Estate, give us a call today. We are here to serve you.

Live Off-The-Grid!

Ever want to get away from it all? I have a perfect property which allows you to live perched on a mountain top where you can have total privacy, peace and seclusion yet still be close to civilizations pleasures. This 1500 SF "AirLock Log Homes" cathedral style log cabin sits on 43 alpine acres offering 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and is located across from Coyote Creek State Park in Guadulapita, NM.

A radio phone, which works just like a regular phone, offers communication with the outside world and can also provide DSL!! A 10X10 foot "power house" contains batteries and all electrical for the off-the-grid 2.5 kilowatt electrical system.

A water catchment system can store a total of 3800 gallons of natual, healthy rain water which is also filtered of any sediment. A Jotel brand wood stove provides plenty of heat in the winter.

Water heating is done by a flash (propane) on demand water heater which is very efficient and fast. The stove, oven and refrigerator are all fueled by propane. The 8-10 inch rock and concrete floor keeps the home cool in the summer.

Large windows that face south provide passive solar heat in the winter, and the large "ship-like" overhang of the roof provides plenty of shade in the summer.

There is also a 2-car garage on the property.

Live "far from the madding crowd" in this fabulous Off-The-Grid Getaway only 1 hour from Taos and 1/2 hour from the resort town of Angel Fire. The home on 43 acres is priced at $339,000.

For more homes in Taos or in Angel Fire, check out the entire Taos, Angel Fire and Red River multiple listings on my website or feel free to call New Mexico Mountain Properties at 888-687-5253. We are here to serve you whether you are looking for a condo in the Taos Ski Valley or in the Angel Fire area or a authentic Taos home full of adobe charm. Perhaps a log home in Angel Fire is more to your liking or perhaps land in Taos or land in Angel Fire to build your dream home suits you best. Whatever your dream, allow the friendly and experienced agents at New Mexico Mountain Properties to be of service to you.


Music from Angel Fire is celebrating its 26th year of bringing fabulous chamber music to Northern New Mexico.

Performances by world renouned artists will be held in Angel Fire, Taos, Las Vegas and Raton beginning August 18 through Septeber 6, 2009.

This season honors the 200th Anniversary of two great masters, Mendelssohn and Hayden.

For a schedule of performances contact or call 575-377-3233

Enjoy the awesome natural beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the splender and beauty of chamber music offered by extraordinary musicians.

Just in case you fall in love with our spectacular vistas and the refreshing mountain air, don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you in finding a home in Taos, land in Angel Fire or perhaps an Angel Fire condo or Taos Ski Valley condo. Check out all Angel Fire and Taos MLS listings on my website.

New Mexico Mountain Properties can offer you the Best in Real Estate throughout the Enchanted Circle.

Whether you are looking for a charming log cabin or a fabulous Taos adobe home we have access to all listings in the Taos, Angel Fire and Red River areas. Allow us to assist you in finding that perfect vacation or retirement property. Stop by our offices in Taos (502 Camino Cortez) or in Angel Fire ( the log home at the juction of Highway 434 and 64) or give us a call 1-888-687-5253.

There is nothing quite like life in the mountains!

The season has begun!

The buying/selling season in the Taos and Angel Fire, NM area has begun. Spring brings many new homes on the market. This is the best time to list your home for sale or to begin looking for the home of your dreams in Taos or that vacation home in Angel Fire.

Although we do not have many foreclosures in the Taos or Angel Fire areas, there are some fabulous bargains on the market for those who want to take advantage of this "buyer's market". This is a great time to buy real estate. Interest rates are at the lowest they have been in 60 years!

First time buyer's .... take avantage of the $8,000 credit!

Feel free to call New Mexico Mountain Properties to discuss your plans to buy or sell your home in Taos or Angel Fire. Our experienced agents are happy to assist you in any way we can.

For the best in Taos real estate and real estate in Angel Fire... NOW is the time to ACT!

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